Broken Hearts

Warning: This chapter contains strong language.

A few weeks have gone by since Eowyn sat in the bathroom, crying for a couple of hours before making her way to the bed to sleep. Tattiel is still dreadfully bored with his job, Kai still does everything he can and more to help Melody's diminishing health, and Autumn seems to be the only one trying to keep things together from a logical standpoint. Though the silence throughout the house wouldn't suggest it, everyone was on edge in their own way.

(Authors note: first two paragraphs told from Eowyn's point of view)

Well it really didn't take long, my favorite pair of Tripp jeans don't fit anymore, and ever since last wednesday I can't seem to squeeze into ANY of my jeans. I can't believe this is happening to me, of all the things that could happen at the end of my junior year, I never would have guessed that my seemingly perfect boyfriend would pretty much rape me and knock me up. Lucky for me no one seems to have noticed, but I'll have to tell someone soon. There's no way I'm telling dad yet, I value my life, but I don't think I can tell mom either. I know she wouldn't be too mad at me, but I know she'd be very disappointed. And that's what I'm not sure if I could handle.

It's only a matter of time though, they're already giving me weird looks because I actually decided to wear something more “feminine”. * sigh * It's not that I like these types of dresses (or any dress for that matter), I just can't fit into anything else. Autumn's already asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with her, figures. Not only is she my BFF but she's also the smartest one in the house, leave it to her to notice I'm gaining weight. I'll probably tell her today, once that happens I'd better just tell mom, because I know if I don't, Autumn would let it slip to her.

After the girls finished their afternoon classes Eowyn pulled Autumn from the table before she had a chance to set her books down. “What's up Wyn?” she asked, a little shocked that her usual study partner was interrupting before they even began. “Come with me outside for a sec, I need to talk to you” replied Eowyn, her eyes focused while she scrambled for the right words. “How am I going to tell her?” she thought to herself. As they stepped outside Eowyn took a deep breath. “Ahh, it's so nice outside...” she thought for a moment before walking out onto the patio.

Once they were out in the backyard Eowyn took a few deep breaths as her eyes began to water, “Wyn... What's wrong?” It didn't take long for Autumn to notice that whatever her sister had to tell her, it wasn't easy and it was definitely important. “Look Autumn, before I tell you, I need you to know that can't tell a soul! No one at school, not Tattiel, and definitely not dad. I'm going to tell mom later today so you don't need to tell her either.”

Autumn put a hand up to interrupt, “Wyn, I get it. I don't know what it is, but it obviously means a lot to you. You know you can tell me.”  They stood there in silence for a short moment, “Come on” Eowyn thought to herself, “if I don't have the guts to tell Autumn there's no way I can tell mom.” She took one more deep breath, “ok I'll just be blunt Autumn... I'm pregnant.” Autumns face lit up like a Christmas tree, “whoa, whoa! Whoa!! you're what!?” “Shhh!!!” hissed Eowyn, are you trying to get me killed!” “Sorry” whispered Autumn, but you're preggers? You're seriously preggers? I knew you and Jupiter were getting serious, but I didn't know you guys were having sex!”

 Just as she brought up Jupiter Autumn noticed Eowyn's face dropped, her expression fell to an odd mix, as if she didn't know whether to be angry or sad. “Oh, Wyn I'm-” “We're not” Eowyn interrupted, and we weren't.” “Come on Wyn, you're preggers, you had to-” “I said we weren't!” Interrupted Eowyn in a hostile tone. “I... Don't want to talk about that, let's just say I didn't want to and he wouldn't take no for an answer... Just leave it at that.” Before Autumn could apologize for bringing it up Eowyn was already back in the house.

Meanwhile Tattiel had just finished enjoying a late lunch with his girlfriend Hannah. He stood silently, gazing into her eyes as if looking for something. “What is it Tattiel?” she questioned, “you've been staring at me for a while now.” Without replying he pulled her into a deep, slow, passionate kiss. “Um, wow...” sighed Hannah, “what's the occasion?” she said with a satisfied smile.

Tattiel's expression shifted and began to look as if he regretted what he had just done. “Hannah, I... Don't really know how to say this, to be honest I don't want to but...” He began to fidget with his hands and kept looking away. “What are you nervous about?” Hannah questioned, I haven't seen you this nervous since we found out we liked each other in high school.” “Well, I hope we can still be friends” he said, looking as though the words themselves hurt him.

What are you talking about?” Hannah questioned, concern filling her voice. “The reason I kissed you like that, is because that was our last one... I think it's time we... Broke up. I'm so sorry Hannah...” Tattiel stood there and watched as Hannah's spirit seemed to crumble, “what? Why!? What did I do? Was it something I did? Is it because we've been too busy? Was it because, because, but, but-” “No, no Hannah” Tattiel interrupted, “it's not your fault at all, it's completely mine. Don't get me wrong, I care about you, I really do. You're the best friend I've ever had, and I hope you still will be, but... I just don't feel that way about you anymore. Like it's dried up and moved on...”

At this point tears were already welling in her eyes as she strained to keep them from falling. “Please Hannah, please...” Tears were now forming in his eyes as well, “It's really not easy to do this, it's not easy at all... But it wouldn't be fair to you if I led you on, I care about you too much to do something like that.” “Then we could just go out more!” Hannah pleaded, “surely your feelings would come back right? Then things can be like they were!” Tattiel simply held her, feeling his shirt dampen from her tears. After a moment he could hear her whisper into his shirt, “please? Please...” His tears followed soon after...

As nightfall settled in Eowyn heard a familiar humming coming from the living room. “Ok Wyn, we can do this” she thought to herself as she headed for the familiar voice. She closed her eyes for a long moment and took a deep, shaky breath. “Mom... I... I need to talk to you.” “Sure sweetie, what is it?” “Well... I... Um...” Eowyn began to fidget with her fingers and kept glancing at Melody's eyes, the floor, and back to her eyes again. “Mom, well... I... Um... I'm... Uh.” While Eowyn was stuttering and struggling to form a sentence, Melody stood up and approached her daughter. She leaned forward and whispered into her hear, “how far along are you Wyn?”

Eowyn's eyes grew wide as her mouth hung open for a moment. “Y-y-you knew?” replied Eowyn in shock, “when did you know? How did you know I was pregnant?” Melody closed her eyes for a moment as a warm smile grew on her face. “You're my daughter Wyn, don't you think I knew you were sick? You'd seem fine and wind up in the bathroom throwing up until you had nothing left. 

 I also saw you squinting a lot when you were doing your homework. You know, it's a known fact that some women's eyesight weakens while they're pregnant. Some even need to get eyeglasses until they give birth. Of course, seeing you raid the fridge at 4am for spaghetti & pickles was a bit of a give away too.” She let out a soft giggle before her face grew concerned. “I only want to know why you didn't come tell me sooner...”

Eowyn's eyes grew watery, “I didn't want you to, you know... Be disappointed in me...” Melody pulled Eowyn into a long gentle hug, “there's no way I can be disappointed in you Wyn, you're a smart beautiful girl; but we'll get to the matter of how this happened later. For now what's important is to get you to the hospital to get checked out and placed on prenatal vitamins. Your health as well as the baby's comes first.” Before she could finish her sentence, Melody felt her top dampen with Eowyn's tears, followed by a muffled voice in between sobs. “I love. You. mom...”

A few months later Eowyn had grown so much she developed a waddle that everyone in the house found absolutely adorable, everyone but her of course. She was forever grateful for her mom, Melody had been the one to pull Kai aside and tell him about the pregnancy and was her rock through every moment. 

Though he was obviously shocked by it, he didn't have anything negative to say towards Eowyn. Both of her parents did ask her one thing in unison. “Did you tell the father?” Once Eowyn shook her head and headed downstairs she knew she had to tell him. She was terrified of what his reaction would be, “will he shun me?” she wondered, “will he lash out at me? Or will he actually accept it and take responsibility?”

As she pulled up outside his house she felt a bit better, “we've been friends since elementary school before we were even dating” she said to herself, reassuring herself that everything would be fine. As she saw him in the front yard it had occurred to her how much time had passed. “He was in accelerated classes, so it only makes sense that he graduated already...” She took a deep breath as she approached him.

She took another deep breath as she waved, “hey Jupiter, how was graduation?” She got no response, the look on his face said it all. “Well I guess there's no beating around the bush is there?” started Eowyn, “it's not exactly something I can hide, so I'll just state the obvious. I'm pregnant, with our baby...”

Jupiters face went from one of regret to flat-out rage. “Hold on a damn minute! What do you mean by our baby!? How the hell do I know if that thing's mine? We only fucked once and you didn't even want to then! How do I know you weren't whoring around on me? What makes you think that thing's mine in the first place!?

His words pierced Eowyn's heart like arrows, but her anger outweighed her sadness. “Are you serious!?” replied Eowyn, her voice cracking as she fought back her tears. “How dare you even say that shit to me! You know damn well you were the only person I've been with! You heard me say no time and time again and you still forced yourself on top of me! You knew I wasn't ready, I told you I wasn't ready! 

 How could you even suspect me of sleeping with someone else! We've known each other for years! Whether you like it or not this is YOUR baby! Eowyn then reached into her purse and pulled out documents from the hospital. “The hospital took your DNA from hair samples found in my house, it's a match! 100%, you are the father!” She shoved the papers into his chest and reached for the tissues in her purse.

Jupiter skimmed over the papers briefly before turning around crumpling them. “If I was the only one you've been with then why take a DNA test?” “Because my dad told me to! He knew you'd try to deny it and made me take the test so I'd have proof. So you nee-” “OUT.” Interrupted Jupiter. His voice calm yet shaky, “get the fuck off my property.” He clinched both his fists, “if you or that thing even set foot on this grass I'll have you arrested. He stormed into the house without another word.

Meanwhile downtown Melody had just left the day spa when she felt... Odd... She felt anxiety and heartbreak that was not her own. (Little did she know that Eowyn had just received such verbal abuse and threats) One minute she was walking to the car, and the next she was floating. “I see... So this is it...” she thought. A few moments later a tall figure in dark robes approached her. She heard no voice come from the figure, but she heard a voice tell her “it's time to go.” She closed her eyes for a moment and thought about her family, her life, her loved ones. She smiled, shook his hand and departed without question... As she left she thought to herself, “ok Ana, mommy's coming...”

Back at the household, the quiet late afternoon was interrupted but 2 hard knocks followed by the sound of the door opening. Moments later Darius came through the doorway, walking in a brisk pace, his face stern yet seemingly in pain, though he refused to show it. Darius? What are you doing here son? I heard you quit the team to become a firefighter after your sister died, but why are you-” “Dad,” Darius interrupted, I'm here as both a firefighter and your son...

“We... Found mom...” Darius felt Kai's body go limp and held him up. “Please let me finish, normally the senior firefighter does this, but since it's my mom... Our family, they let me deliver the message... They don't have a cause of death, she was perfectly healthy and should have lived for a few more years at least... The coroner said her heart simply just stopped beating on it's own...”

Darius heard a low whisper, "she died of a broken heart".  "What Dad, I couldn't hear you," there were no more words, no how's or why's, he simply crumbled. Despite his strength and willpower, Kai broke down and cried without control. All Darius could do was hold him, hold him and stay silent. If he said another word he knew that he'd break down as well. His eyes already red from crying the entire trip to deliver the news...

Until next chapter...


  1. hmm it must be in the genes... all of Melody's female ancestors have died peacefully acepting that it was time to go.

    But I don't understand why Eowyn whent alone to Jupiter, or why her parents and Autum let her do that.

  2. Aww melody!!! Eowyn needs you! :( why she have to die :(
    i hope Jupiter gets caught in a kitchen fire with no doors to escaper >.> he's such a meanie!!

  3. Aww Melody :-( I agree with Valkerlegacy! Eowyn needs her!!
    Jupiters a .... well jerk for the nicer term!

  4. I expected Kai to go first not Melody :( Jupiter is just a jerk!!! She should have had him done when it happened!!


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