A Bittersweet Goodbye & Nurturing Love.

Over the next week or so Eowyn seemed enthralled. Elsa & Kai knew becoming a parent would change her, but neither of them expected this. The once terrified teen who waddled through the house was now taking charge of her life and seemed to do so effortlessly. “You're just like mom” said Elsa over the phone, “you're a natural mother.”

Eowyn smiled and laughed a bit as she thanked Elsa when she turned her head suddenly. “I gotta go Elsa, Liliah's cryiing.” “I thought you were downstairs?” replied Elsa with a bit of shock in her voice, “I can't hear a thing.” “I am downstairs, she's in her crib up in my room.” “See, there's the evidence!” joked Elsa, “there's now way a normal person could hear a little cry like that from so far away, you're like a super mom!” They laughed a bit and Eowyn hung up the phone, moments later Eowyn was downstairs again, Liliah in hand. Eowyn whispered “you eat so much, no wonder I was always in the fridge.”

After a bottle and the cutest little burp she'd ever heard, Eowyn set Liliah on her favorite baby blanket. The infant seemed to love the blue skies and fresh air. Eowyn then made her way to the garden to harvest and keep it maintained. “There's no way I'm letting mom's garden fall into ruin” she mumbled to herself, “she put so much love into it.”

Later that afternoon, Tattiel knocked on the door to Kai's bathroom. “You ok dad?” “I'm fine” answered Kai, “just a little woozy is all.” Tattiel left, shaking his head; he knew Kai was throwing up, and he knew why as well. Kai began drinking heavily since Melody passed away, he constantly had a bottle of nectar nearby.

A few days later Eowyn was in her mothers garden as usual, pulling some weeds and tending to the garden. She heard a familiar set of footsteps approach and looked up to see Autumn. She watched curiously as Autumn walked by without a word and began pulling weeds as well. “You don't have to Autumn, I know you have allergies.”

Autumn continued pulling without a word in response, “Autumn” Eowyn continued, “You don't have to-” “I know,” interrupted Autumn. “I'm here because I want to Wyn, she was my mom too you know. There's no way I'm letting her favorite place wither and die. You don't have to do it yourself you know, we do this together.” This was the first time Autumn had spoken to anyone since Melody passed, so Eowyn just smiled and let it go as she continued the garden work.

Meanwhile Tattiel was cruising downtown for a few hours. It was a definitely a day of note for him, he was going on his first date since breaking up with Hannah. As the sun began to set, he rode off to the little bar down the street from the diner.

As he practiced a bit of shuffleboard a light, yet refined voice reached his ears. “Sorry I'm late, work was hectic and I had to stay a little later than expected.” Tattiel laughed a bit to himself, “don't worry about it, want a drink?” She smiled as if relieved, “sure, I'll have the same as you.”

A few minutes later he arrived from the bar with two blue llama & vodka's. “So, Jennifer, how was work?” “Just call me Jenn” she said with a smile, “and work was great, only 2 fires today. All of the families were fine, nothing like the disaster last year with-” she cut her sentence short once she realized what she was about to say. “I'm so sorry...” she commented. “No it's ok” replied Tattiel, “we saw you with our own eyes, we saw you do everything you could to save my sister. Even after your co-workers told you to let her go you kept trying...” She remained silent for a moment before taking another sip from her drink.

Back at home Eowyn was once again feeding Liliah, “you should slow down” she whispered, "mommy promises the milk isn't going anywhere."  She laughed a bit to herself as Liliah seemed to slow down a bit as if understanding her words.

Later, in the middle of the night, Eowyn's sleep was abruptly interrupted by the familiar sound of Liliah's soft cries. Glancing at her clock Eowyn shook her head, 2am? * sigh * Well, I know you got those midnight munchies from me. She laughed at the thought as she fed her yet again.

As Tattiel slept his mind swam with uncertain thoughts, he didn't know how to feel about Jennifer. Though the date was great and she certainly left an impression.

A few days later Kai started his morning with a few glasses of nectar. It was the day of Melody's funeral, and though he disapproved, Tattiel didn't say a word to his father. This was the day he was burying the love of his life.

Despite her popularity Tattiel invited very few people, mostly family. Hesitantly taking his fathers advice, he opened a very old bottle of fine nectar. Apparently Melody had made this bottle herself, shortly after getting married to Kai.

It certainly didn't take long for the tears to start pouring, and despite doing her best at trying to keep everything together logically & rationally, Autumn's long silence and isolation stopped instantly as she was the first to break down.

As the funeral proceeded Tattiel saw Elsa approaching. He let out a sigh as she drew near him, “I knew this talk was coming” he thought to himself. After exchanging greetings and a hug Elsa stared at him intently, as if studying him. “Well?” she started, “how is everything?” “All things considered, not too bad. Though dad seems intent on drowning himself in nectar, I'm sure Autumn will feel better after today, she's held those tears in since she heard of mom passing. Eowyn's fine, she's probably getting ready to bring Liliah out here.”

Elsa nodded and let a half-smile show for a bit, it wasn't until then that Tattiel noticed the wrinkles. Around her eyes as well as her mouth, it never really occurred to him until then. Though she was his big sister, she was indeed quite a few years older than he was. He'd nearly forgotten that Elsa was already in school when they were born. He could even see a few strands of grey in her hair. “Well you have my cell” said Elsa, “if you need anything just give me a call, I'll be keeping an eye on you.” “Thanks” replied Tattiel as he took a sip of his nectar.

A few minutes later Elsa heard her name being called and turned to see Eowyn, “say hello to Auntie Elsa” she whispered to Liliah as a large smile spread across her face. “She's adorable!” shrieked Elsa as quietly as she could contain, “she looks just like you!” Eowyn carefully handed Liliah to Elsa, “oh don't be greedy Wyn!” Elsa said in jest, "aunts, uncles and parents will want to steal her as much as they can, so get used to it!” Eowyn laughed a bit as she watched Elsa play with and snuggle Liliah. “Go on” Elsa said quietly, “I know you need to, and I'll keep her all to myself while you do.”

Eowyn nodded as she stopped fighting the tears that were building up and headed for Melody's tombstone. Following her father and brother as she mourned the family's massive loss.

A month passed since that night of mourning and Eowyn wiped the remaining sleepiness from her eyes as she made her way out of bed. “I guess it's time for something new” she whispered, trying not to wake Liliah. She glanced at the diploma on her desk and smiled, she had finally finished her online high school courses. “I did it mom” she whispered as she teared up a little at the thought, she opened her closet and changed into the outfit she bought the night before.

That night Tattiel was out on another date with Jennifer again, the two had been dating for a while and seemed to become closer with each night out. Though while they were out at aquarius Jennifer approached him with a look of concern. “We need to talk” she said, her voice flat. “My job's transferring me to Twinbrook, the station there is far below par and they want me to go overlook the station and bring it back up to a level that is acceptable... I don't know how long I will be there...”

Tattiel looked at her for a bit, trying to hide his look of disappointment, though she noticed it anyway. “Well I..” she paused for a moment, hesitant, “I... Want you to come with me.” Tattiel closed his eyes for a moment before shaking his head. “I can't do that, though my family is originally from there.” Her eyes saddened but she nodded in response. “I see... We'll still be friends right?” “Of course” replied Tattiel, “there's no changing that.” The two finished their night, though neither seemed to have much more to say after that.

Each month after that seemed to breeze by as Eowyn showered Liliah in love. Even Tattiel seemed to rekindle his love for art, spending much more time painting than he had since starting work.

The next year seemed to arrive before anyone knew it, and the house was full of the chatter of busy lives. “Is it that good?” asked Eowyn in excitement, “you seem to be getting it everywhere! Finish up so mommy can show you how to walk!” Liliah glanced at her for a moment before getting back to her lunch.

Most of the chatter wasn't from the house though, most of it involved Autumn and her friend Susan who seemed to live on their cell phones when not consumed by their studies.

The night before her plane departed Tattiel invited her out for one last drink. As usual the two enjoyed themselves, though they seemed to forget that they were just friends as they finished their night at her place.

The next morning was full of laughter and encouragement. “Come on Lili you con do it! Walk with mama” encouraged Eowyn, Liliah was catching on quickly and was enjoying it almost as much as her mother.

Potty training was another matter entirely, every time Eowyn placed her on the potty Liliah would give her the “do I really have to?” look.

As she was now a little older, Eowyn had a little more free time. Though she spent that free time watching Liliah anyway, she always laughed a bit when watching Lili play with her blocks. “She has the same color hair as his parents...  Oh well...  Heh, she always gets so excited over them” thought Eowyn, “I wonder what makes them so amazing to her.”

One thing was certain, Elsa was right when she said siblings and parents will steal her. Kai spent a lot of time with Liliah, and it was as she thought. Lili loved spending time with grandpa Kai.

Later that night Tattiel headed over to city hall, he had received a call to come collect an award for becoming one of the most respected designers in Bridgeport! Though he was hardly excited about it, he never really got to express himself and work was still very bland in his opinion.

Back at home Kai called Eowyn and Autumn into the livingroom. He seemed somewhat serious, yet not. “Autumn, I need you to watch Liliah for a bit.” Eowyn looked at him with concern and curiosity, but he continued before she could ask why. “Eowyn, I need you to come with me for a bit. There's someone I need you to meet."

As they drove downtown Kai began to tell her before she had the chance to ask. “I'm taking you to meet an acquaintance of your mothers, she always said she wanted you to meet her. She thought you two would get along great.” “Dad, I'm not 11, I can go make friends on my own you know.” Kai laughed a bit and continued, “I know I know, though she isn't really liked here in Bridgeport. Lots of nasty rumors about her, but she's also a good friend and co-worker of Elsa. She also thought you should meet her.” “Then why not tell me until now?” questioned Eowyn, “who knows?” answered Kai, “but enough about why, we're almost there.”

Back at home Autumn had fed and put Liliah to bed, she then followed her usual habits and studied advanced physics for a while before finding herself in deep conversation with Susan.

As Eowyn stood in the elevator she couldn't help but wonder, “who is she anyway? Dad never told me her name, he never explained why mom and Elsa seem to think we'd get along so well either. And why not tell me until now?” Her thoughts drifted to Liliah, "how was she? was everything ok?"  

Eowyn knew Autumn was by far the most responsible teen and possibly the most responsible person she'd ever known, and even though she wasn't even gone that long she sorely missed Liliah.  Her thoughts were interrupted by Kai, “what are you doing? I'm not going with you, you'll need to come buzz her yourself. I already called her and told her you were coming.”

“What?” replied Eowyn with confusion all over her face, “where are you going?” “Don't worry about it” replied Kai, “I'm sure she'll give you a lift home after you to chat for a bit.” Before she could even question him Kai was out the front door. “Guess I have no choice then” sighed Eowyn, pressing the buzzer for apartment 501...

Until next chapter...


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