The Aftermath

With the passing of a loved one comes pain, this is sometimes followed by enlightenment, and motivation as one ponders of the words of those who were lost. Such enlightenment came to Tattiel as Anastasia's funeral came to a close. While the loss of his little sister left him and then entire family shaken, her life was an example to him.

The sound of ringing jolted Tattiel from his sleep as the alarm sounded, stretching briefly, as more memories of his little sister passed through his groggy mind. He thought for a moment, “despite her rash personality, she was always reaching for the top. So determined to follow our parents and grandparents in becoming someone of influence...” He yawned a bit, sitting up in bed, “see what you did Ana?” Tattiel thought to himself, “I wanted to live on my art, but your example made me change my goals. Now I have an official position and will strive to make a name for myself.”

As Anastasia's funeral came to a close, Tattiel had thought of a way to both express himself with his art, and still find a professional career. “Well, I'd better shower, my first day as an interior designer is about to start.”

As Eowyn headed to school her mind was full of thoughts of her own. The day before was full of many things she did not want to think about, yet the thoughts forced their way into her mind. Thoughts of her sisters' funeral, thoughts about her mom whom still was but a shell of herself. Then the thoughts about the incident with her boyfriend... “Was I... Raped?” the disturbing thoughts made her cringe, “I did tell him no over and over again, but I'm his girlfriend, so does that mean...” Her body was sore and her mind felt heavy. She closed off her thoughts as best she could as she approached the schoolyard. “Let's just get thorough mid-terms first” she thought as she entered the hallway.

As Tattiel approached and conversed with his first client things seemed to be going quite smoothly. He know some of them from around town and the ideas seemed to come to mind almost effortlessly.

Meanwhile as Melody sat in Anastasia's old room yet again, Kai took it upon himself to visit Elsa. He missed her daughter Clair's first birthday because of the fire, and wanted to spend some time with her.

You look so much like your mother!” cheered Kai as he tossed her about, followed by small giggles from the happy toddler. “You should bring her by the house more often Elsa” said Kai with a slight hint of concern. “Your mother may have found closure, but she's still taking Ana's passing harder than any of us can imagine. 

I'm sure seeing Claire would cheer her up a bit.” Elsa nodded, “I know I should, I've just been busy with work, and with school in full swing Youseff is always busy as well. We'll visit more often though that's for certain. I'm concerned for her health as well, not just because I'm her doctor, but because she's my mom...” Elsa's voice trailed off as she fought to keep her watery eyes from falling into tears. Though Claire's random chatter placed a smile on both hers and Kai's faces.

A few weeks passed and things seemed to get a little better, Kai had Tattiel remove Anastasia's bed while Melody was sleeping, and Kai began to spoil her as much as possible. Pedicures, manicures, facials, movies, anything and everything to keep her mind from thinking about Anastasia. Elsa also visited more frequently with Claire, this seemed to greatly improve Melody's withering condition.

Things were a bit different for Eowyn however, mid-terms and school were simple enough, but her relationship was a wreck. Jupiter called her constantly, which was fine at first, but each and every conversation seemed to drift into sex. Inviting her over to his house each and every time, coaxing her one way or another. No became her favorite word, and each and every time she declined his invitations over to his home.

Don't you understand no means no!?” she shouted in a whisper before hanging up her cell phone. “Is that all he thinks about?” thought Eowyn as she fluffed her pillow to read for a bit. “I don't get it, he forces me against my will, steals my virginity which I totally should have broken up with and had him arrested for, and he thinks I just want to do it again? Ugh!” Her thoughts were interrupted with a pang of nausea. “Great” mumbled Eowyn, “I knew those leftovers looked a little old, me getting worked up like this really isn't helping either.”

As the alarm went off yet again Eowyn dressed and prepared for school. After a nice plate of green eggs and ham to begin St. Patrick's day she headed upstairs to grab her car keys. A quick swipe and a jingle as she slipped them into her purse, Eowyn was stopped dead in her tracks. “What the hell-” her words cut off as she covered her mouth and bolted for the bathroom, just making it in time to vomit everywhere. After a few surges of nausea her entire breakfast was now in the toilet.

She heard a light tapping on the door, “is everything ok Wyn?” After a few breaths she managed to reply, “I'm fine Autumn, go ahead of me, I'll catch up.” Her vision seemed a little blurry as she leaned back against the wall for a moment. “I guess green eggs and ham was a bad idea,” managing to laugh a little bit before the next wave came over her like an ocean of all things wrong. After dry-heaving for a bit she managed to take some bepto pismal and made her way to class.

School wasn't easy, despite the pink medicine calming her stomach, the letters on the whiteboard would occasionally begin to blur, seeming fuzzy around the edges. “The hell? What's up with me this week?” after chatting with some friends she made her way home.

It happened again as she was trying to finish her homework, everything getting blurry to the point of frustration. “Do I need glasses or something?” she whispered to herself. She didn't want to bring it up with Melody unless she really had to. Her mom was doing better, but it was still very clear that she was still appearing weaker by the day. She didn't want to burden her unless it was absolutely necessary. “Guess I'll talk to dad in the morning and see what he thinks about it” Eoywn thought to herself, “he's had glasses since he was around my age anyway.” As she crawled into bed her mind began to wonder, “is that why I'm nauseous? Because of this blurry crap?”

Much to Eowyn's frustration, she wasn't able to ask Kai the following morning. It seems he was having Anastasia's remains laid next to his parents Kaze & Amy and would be gone for the day. Meanwhile, Tattiel was at another clients home doing the usual. Interior design was certainly an easy job, “too easy” thought Tattiel as he let his client ramble in one ear and out of the other. He didn't mind the pay, it was indeed better than expected, but he seldom was allowed to express himself like he wanted. His clients were always happy with his work, no matter how mundane it seemed to him.

Yet another week had passed as Eowyn started to crawl out of bed. Before her feet even met the floor she felt her dinner churning, and again, ran to the bathroom to spew it everywhere. “This is ridiculous!?” she murmured to herself, taking some more medicine she walked to her calendar. “How long have I been sick?” she wondered as her finger scanned the calendar. Realizing it was now the end of march she let out a gasp as her eyes widened. “What the hell!?” the words coming out louder than she intended, “it's already the end of the month? My period was supposed to start 2 weeks ago!”

Then the thought crossed her mind, hitting her like a slap in the face. “No way,” she whispered to herself, feeling her heartbeat quicken as anxiety edged it's way into her mentality. “That's not possib-” cutting her own words off as she recalled the day of Anastasia's funeral. “I couldn't be, no, no way in hell” she whispered, trying to convince herself otherwise. She dressed for the day and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Despite the fact that the leftover fish & chips smelled A-MA-ZING, she simply couldn't bring herself to eat. Then out of no where she heard a voice, “Wyn! Hello!? Earth to Wyn!” Shaking her head she soon realized that Autumn had been calling her from quite some time. “Are you ok Wyn? You haven't touched your food at all.” Not turning her head at all she managed a quite “yeah Autumn, I'm fine...” “No you're not!” protested Autumn, you've been acting strange lately, I know you weren't feeling well yet you've gone through almost two bottles of bepto pismol. Why won't you look at me?” Her questions becoming more and more irritating to hear, Eowny simply left the table without another word.

Meanwhile upstairs, an entirely different conversation was taking place. “I'm proud to hear it Tattiel” commented Kai, “another promotion? But I should stop dawdling about, that's not why I needed to talk to you.” Tattiel then focused on his fathers face as it seems what he had to say was quite important. His eyes almost looked... Sorrowful. “Dad, you know you can tell me anything, what's on your mind?” 

 Kai began venting, talking about all of the stress he's endured and how Melody was worrying him more with each passing day. “Tattiel... Son, I... I think it's time you took over as head of the household. You've been ready for quite some time now, and I think it's time I stepped aside.” Though shock jolted through his thoughts, he didn't show it. “Dad, are you sure? I don't mind, but-” “Then please step into your new roll” interrupted Kai, “your mother and I will be here to support you, but I think I've held the title long enough.”

Tattiel didn't say another word, Kai was a proud man and understood responsibility & authority more than anyone he knew. For someone like him to relinquish their title meant a lot, and it wasn't something they would do without a lot of thought. After a long moment of silence he pulled Kai into a firm hug, “I understand dad... I love you.” “I love you to Tattiel...”

As soon as class was over Eowyn stopped by the market, picked up some toothpaste, a couple packs of hair scrunchies, and hesitantly stopped by the pharmacy section to pick up a pregnancy test. She parked the car, tossed the bag of items on her bed and headed straight for the bathroom. She opened the test, used, and waited for the response, each second feeling like endless hours. “This is a joke” she thought, “what the hell am I testing for? My boyfriend pretty much rapes me, steals my virginity and now I'm peeing on a stick?” She laughed a bit though it certainly didn't make her feel better.

Her impatience building as she waited, she began to read the package. “Minus sign, not pregnant; plus sign pregnant. Guess I'll just laugh at the minus sign and kick myself for being retarded.” She set the box down to check the test, “heh, just like I thought, minus.” She tossed the box in the trash and tossed the test in after when she caught it. “Wait, what!?” She looked again, “a plus sign? It has to be a dud.” She then took the last two unopened tests from the box in the trash and took another. “Plus again? What the hell?” She then took the last test only to see it, a giant pink plus sign. Tears gathered as one streaked down her cheek, falling to the ground.  “Shit...”

Until next chapter...


  1. Tough news for Eowyn, and I am very concerned about Melody's state of mind.
    Meanwhile, congrats again to Tattiel for becoming the heir.

  2. *pants* finally...caught...up...*faints*

    great chapter! i hope Melody gets better and Eowyn needs to hurt her bf until he bleeds!!

  3. I can't wirght what I want to do to Eowyn's boy friend - well pretty much the same I want to do to my ex. Thats why I could not comment on the funaral chapther, it brought back memories, so much that I allmost stoppede reading. Guees that an other way of saying well written.

    Please for my sake of mind let Jupiter suffer bad - very bad....

  4. @valkerlegacy - Nice! Glad to see you caught up! And yes, Eowyn's BF does need to bleed, a lot.

    @anettesb - Yeah, he's definitely not on my good list, that's for sure! No worries, the next chapter will be out soon, I'm already working on it. :)

  5. Well that would just be Eowyns luck wouldnt it a baby - her boyfriend needs his but kicking!!!

    1. You can say that again! She took 3 tests because she didn't believe it!


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