After sunset...

A few years have passed since that night, and little has changed since then. Eowyn and Elvira finally made their relationship public knowledge a year ago, and though he is traditional and was reluctant to do so, Kai accepted their relationship. Tattiel was more receptive to it, not minding at all as long as his sister was happy.

Eowyn found herself walking into Liliah's bedroom while in deep thought, it was well after midnight as she entered. A smile spread across her face as she gazed at her daughter, whom judging from her soft mumbles was dreaming about having to clean her room.

“The years just flew by” whispered Eowyn to herself, “it won't be much longer, I'll make sure your bedroom is just as nice.”

Liliah mumbled, “ok mommy, I love you” as she turned about on the bed. Even though she knew it was in her dream Eowyn smiled anyway, walking out to let her daughter sleep.

That morning Eowyn was brushing her teeth when she heard a familiar pitter patter of small feet approaching fast down the hall. She rinsed her mouth before yelling to the the approaching sound, “don't run down the hall!” Just as she said it Liliah was already at the door, “I'm all dressed for school mom! Can I watch TV with papa Kai now?”

A little surprised even though she knew she shouldn't be, Eowyn looked at her carefully. After confirming with herself that her daughter had dressed herself properly, she laughed a bit. “It's only 6:30 in the morning, the bus won't be here for another hour and a half.” “I know” replied Liliah, “I wanna watch TV with papa Kai before I go.”

“Alright then” sighed Eowyn, “just be sure to-” Before she could finish her sentence, she heard a “thank you” trail off from halfway down the hall as she ran downstairs. Eowyn let out a sigh, “I just told her not to run down the hall too...” Eowyn finished her hair as she thought to herself, “her first day of school already? Time flies by so fast...”

Meanwhile downstairs Liliah had already been given her morning hug and was enjoying TV with Kai. The two were pretty much inseparable and often enjoyed interesting conversation. A few days ago Kai had even pulled Eowyn aside and told her. “Don't let all that energy fool you, she's much more mature than she looks, definitely more than she should be.”

As they continued to watch TV a wedding commercial came on advertising the years most popular dresses. Kai glanced over to see Liliah paying close attention to it. “You like those dresses?” questioned Kai with a surprised smile. “Kinda” replied Liliah, “but I think mom would look really pretty in it, momma Vira would too.”

Surprised and feeling himself grow angry Kai glared at Liliah, “momma Vira?” he questioned. Liliah replied without taking her eyes off the commercial, “papa Kai you know momma Vira! You've met her lots of times, it's mom's other half. I don't like calling her Elvira, so when I started calling her momma Vira she gave me a really big smile, I could tell she liked it better.”

Though Kai was concerned, he knew Eowyn and her so called girlfriend may be something he was still growing used to, but he knew they would never influence Liliah in such a way. Hearing Liliah laugh when the show came back on quickly erased any anger he felt.

A few hours later after she had kissed Liliah goobye and watched her get on the school bus Eowyn returned inside. Tattiel was at work and Kai had gone upstairs for a nap, just as Eowyn sat to watch some TV she quickly stood back up gasping for breath. She covered her mouth just in time to muffle her cry in pain and shock, her entire body feeling as if it was being stabbed.

She clutched her stomach as it churned, and the pain began to blend into a mixture of ecstasy and pain, she didn't even know how to respond to it. It felt so good, yet painful, thoughts began to swarm her mind. “Now?” thought Eowyn, “I thought I had another day or so, but... She did say it varies with each person...”

3 days ago...

Eowyn dressed herself after some intimate time with Elvira, as she sat on the bed Elvira came from the bathroom. “Have you seen my hospital coat Wyn? I know it's around here somewhere-” she cut herself off in mid sentence as she saw Eowyn's expression. “What's wrong hun? You look depressed” said Elvira, a look of concern on her face.

It's complicated” sighed Eowyn, “can't you just read my mind to make it easier?” “You know I'd never do that to you” replied Elvira sternly, “you know you can tell me anything, what is it?” Eowyn set her shoes down and stared into Elvira's eyes, it wasn't until then that Elvira saw the tears welling up as Eowyn fought to hold them back.

5 years... 5 years Vira since I've asked you and still you deny me. I told you I want to be with you, to share everything with you and still you won't.” Tears began to stream down her flushed cheeks, “you know I love you” she continued, “but I can't help but start to wonder why you won't share everything with me as I do with you... Do I have to beg you? What must I do for you to understand how much I want to-” Her words cut off as Elvira pressed her lips to hers.

After a long kiss Elvira stared into her eyes, tears of blood streaming from her own. “I know Wyn... I just... I don't want you to feel pain as I feel it. I want you to-” “You want me to suffer knowing I'm not good enough for your curse? Your blessing?” interrupted Eowyn, her eyes puffy from crying. Elvira let out a long sigh as she glanced around the room, putting on her hospital coat that she found. After a long moment she looked at Eowyn kissing her again and again before whispering in her ear.

Forgive me, Wyn, this is going to hurt... Just don't come over until it's done, I can't bear to see you in pain. Please call me in a few days when it's done. Trust me, you'll know when it's finished.” She began to kiss her again, working her way lower towards her neck, kissing and licking a little, arousing Eowyn in the process.

Eowyn let out a small gasp as she felt Elvira's teeth bite into her, draining her. The feeling was pure ecstasy, almost better then the intimacy she had just spent with her. After a minute or so she felt pushing on her wound. “What?” questioned Eowyn, her voice barely audible from the ecstasy of it. 

 “Shhh...” whispered Elvira as she bit into her own tongue, causing it to bleed. “Drink it” whispered Elvira as she began to kiss Eowyn passionately, the blood from her tongue sliding down Eowyn's throat. After a few minutes their lips parted and Elvira sighed, “it is done.”

Present time

A few minutes later Eowyn stood there, examining everything in the room. “Wow” she whispered to herself, “so vivid...” Her senses enhanced, colors, sounds, smells, everything was different.

Kai came downstairs to grab something to eat when he saw Eowyn. “Is everything alright? You look so pale...” Eowyn simply smiled and stared at him, noticing so much that was different. His facial expressions, his scent, his wrinkles, everything so much more noticeable. After a long moment she remembered to reply, “oh I'm fine dad, really, better than I've felt in my life.”

Since it was now morning she knew she couldn't call Elvira, Kai was spending time with Liliah so she had to find a way to pass the day until sunset. She called up to Autumn whom she heard in the bathroom drying her hair. It was then she realized how much her hearing was enhanced.

Even after all the years, the two sisters were still BFF's and would most likely be for the rest of their lives. Autumn was the only person whom she told about her asking and accepting Elvira's curse & blessing. So naturally Autumn was only surprised for a short moment when she saw her sister. Shortly after Eowyn gave her a long hug as she whispered into her ear. “It won't be long Autumn, I'll be moving out soon...”

Meanwhile, Tattiel was enjoying a day off when he ventured out to the backyard looking for inspiration for a new painting. He was walking about when he came across quite a sight, stopping him in his tracks as he whispered “now isn't that just the most adorable sight...” Here it was only 10:00 in the morning and both Kai & Liliah were out cold enjoying a nap.

Dad I understand” thought Tattiel, “he's approaching 90, but surely Liliah couldn't be tired.” Then he thought about it, of course she'd be asleep, even if she wasn't really tired she just enjoys spending time with her papa Kai no matter what. “This is it” thought Tattiel, “the perfect painting.”

As the day went on Eowyn awoke from her nap to see the sun setting. “Perfect” she thought as she grabbed her cell phone, “I hope she's awake.” As the cell rang for a short moment it was quickly answered, Eowyn quickly started, “it's me... It's finished and I need to see you.” Elvira told her to come over immediately, there was much to discuss.

Not yet” said Eowyn sternly, “meet me near the lab first. Bring a change of clothes if you must.” Surprised, Elvira conceded and the two met half an hour later. Before she even managed to say a word Eowyn had rushed to her. She was fast, much faster now, and placed a finger on Elvira's lips before she could utter a word.

I love you” started Eowyn, “I know this is obvious, but I want you to know that I really love you. I know there are people who talk about us, but I know that I cannot, would not, be with anyone but you.” She removed her finger from her lips and knelt before her, taking out small velvet box and presenting it to her. “Will you give me the honor of becoming my soul mate?” The normally calm, collected Elvira was speechless. She stood in shock for a long moment.

After gazing in shock at Eowyn, she finally nodded and managed a small whisper, “yes.” Barely able to control her emotions she hugged Eowyn tightly. “When will we have it?” questioned Elvira, “how should we-” “Why not now?” questioned Eowyn. “I know my dad loves me and means the best, but I don't think he would really want to attend. Even though she's mature for her age, I don't think Liliah is old enough to understand either.”

So after a long moment and a nod from Elvira, the two exchanged their rings & vows, swearing to be together until eternity takes them.

Elvira changed into something more comfortable after they finished and glared at Eowyn sternly. “We can't wait any longer, and though you are doing better than expected at hiding it I know you're starving. Come, it's time I showed you how to hunt; Eowyn nodded, and followed closely behind.

Meanwhile back at home Tattiel had spent the last few hours putting the little morning nap he witnessed onto the canvas.

Liliah had finished her homework and was heading to watch a little TV with papa Kai before bed.

Long after midnight passed and the rest of the house sound asleep, Eowyn returned home. She sat at the computer and began browsing the net for apartments. “Vira's place is nice, but we're going to need a bigger one...”

Until next chapter...


  1. oh YAY to the conversion and engagement :D That is awesome. I love the pic of Kai and Liliah, and can not wait to see the painting finished!! Nice update.

  2. loved this chapter! =D (i always say that x3)
    5 years pasted and Kai has not accepted the ladies love? really...should of accepted them by now surely but the picture of him with Liliah is sweet ^-^ reminds me of me and my granddad XD

  3. Congrats to Eowyn and Elvira.


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