Tested love and broken hearts, a bid farewell...

Warning: Chapter may contain adult content. 

2 weeks have passed since the fire, and though the tears have dried, the household is far from happy. Though everyone has found an outlet, they are yet to find closure. Melody most of all, she rarely eats, and her smile is even more rare. Not only has she not planned the funeral yet, but she still visits Anastasia's old room, staring at her empty bed for extended periods of time. Everyone has found something to keep their minds off of the tragedy except for her, but closure must be found, for everyone's sake.

As Eowyn was finishing dinner Kai sat down and asked her yet again. “Has your mother made the arrangements yet?” Everyone offered to make the funeral arrangements, but Melody outright refused. She made it clear she wanted to do it herself, and Kai made it a habit to check with the girls to see if she had done so. Eowyn simply shook her head, her eyes lowered, as if it hurt just to answer the question. “The funeral home won't hold Ana forever, she needs to be laid to rest” Kai continued, letting out a deep sigh. “Keep an eye on your mother for me, if she doesn't do it within the next couple of days, I'll just do it myself.”

Outside Autumn was studying her astrology, though her mind was elsewhere. “She died because of me” pondered Autumn, “she would have been fine if she hadn't pushed me out of the way, putting herself in danger...” No one knew about this except for Eowyn, though everyone knew deep down. As she stared into the sky at the stars she could only think of her older sister, who sacrificed her own life to save her. “I have to reach higher” thought Autumn, “there's no way I'm going to waste my life, the life that Ana paid the price for with her own...”

A couple days later there was no change, but as Kai picked his cell phone up to make the arrangements his hands were shaking badly. After dropping the phone three times tears began to fall, seeing this Autumn gently placed her hand on his shoulder. “I'll do it dad, please go prepare some tea and relax.” As Kai silently nodded and made his way to the kitchen Autumn stepped outside and made the funeral arrangements.

Meanwhile, downtown, Darius had received a call from Elspeth and was asked to come visit her at the consignment store where she worked. This was indeed odd, Elspeth didn't like being disturbed at work, so for her to call him had to mean something. As he approached her she just stood there looking into his eyes silently. “What's up babe?” Darius asked, curious as to why she'd call him. 

 “Well,” started Elspeth, her eyes staring into his as if searching for something. She fell silent again, grabbing his hands and holding them tightly. “I've never been the type to hold back when I have something to say.” she commented. “Oh I know that!” replied Darius instantly as he laughed in jest. “Well here goes,” said Elspeth. “Darius, I'm pregnant. I took 6 pregnancy tests just to be sure, and went to the doctors office yesterday... She confirmed that I'm entering my 5th week of pregnancy.” 

 Without any hesitation, Darius' face lit up with excitement. “You're pregnant!? So, we're going to be parents? Wow! That's great hun!” He kissed her gently on the lips and began feeling & talking to her belly, as if the unborn child would actually reply to him. “Looks like I'd better hit the gym and get ready, team tryouts are this weekend!”

After finishing up with the funeral arrangements, Autumn drove downtown to the public library to study physics. The library had become the place where she spent most of her time since Anastasia died. Always studying, always reading, Autumn was determined to reach the top. Though she herself didn't even know her goal.

Meanwhile at the park Tattiel was out on a lunch date with Hannah. The couple had not been seeing each other much as of late, especially after the fire. “I'll call you later?” asked Tattiel, “no need to worry, I'm fine. Her funeral is in a few days, I'll call you afterward.” They kissed and departed, as Hannah walked away to her car Tattiel stopped and looked back, watching her leave. 

 He let out a long sigh thinking to himself. “How am I going to tell her? I can't let this drag on, it wouldn't be fair to her. But still, how can I tell her I don't love her? That my feelings for her have dried up and gone?” He started to call her once he arrived at home to invite her over and tell her, but hung up before it could ring. “Not now” he thought, “it's just not the right time.”

A few days had passed and it was finally the night before the funeral, the girls were enjoying dinner with Kai when the subject of careers came up. While Eowyn had decided to pursue a career as a professional drummer, Autumn completely dodged the question. “This isn't like you Autumn, what's up?” Questioned Eowyn, “nothing” Autumn replied wearily, “I'm just tired.” 

 The rest of the dinner was silent, and Kai had no intention of breaking the silence. Once the girls went up to their room, Kai struggled to clear the table, he had more on his mind than he could handle. He slowly made his way up to Anastasia's old bedroom to tell Melody to get some rest. For he was sure that's where she was, as she had made this a habit. One he hoped tomorrow's funeral would put an end to.

The day of the funeral had arrived, and Tattiel found himself at the consignment shop, browsing through the works of art around the store. Something he had a tendency to do when he had a lot on his mind.

Autumn on the other hand was in the middle of her first real workout. Once she managed to gain control of her emotions after the fire, she immediately purchased a gym membership. “Ana said we were beautiful, there's no way I'm going to let her down” thought Autumn as she pushed herself on the treadmill. “I'm not just doing this for myself” she thought, “I'm doing this for Ana too!”

Autumn wasn't the only one who found a new hobby, Eowyn also started a hobby. Visiting her boyfriend Jupiter every day, for hours at a time. She spent every free minute she had there, hanging out, chatting & making out.

As they were relaxing and watching TV Eowyn could feel Jupiters hands starting to wander, straying from her face and neck. “Wait” Eowyn protested, “I told you I'm not ready for that yet.” “Come on Wyn” Jupiter coaxed, “I know you've been down lately, especially after the accident. Just trust me on this one, you'll feel a lot better afterward.” His words trailed off as he began kissing her neck, continuing his advances. “Jupiter, I don't know if this is right. I don't think I'm ready to-” 

 Her words cut off as he kissed her, his hands slowly unbuckling her pants. “Jupiter, I said no-” her words cut off again as Jupiter pressed against her, pinning her down by her wrists. “Don't you love me?” he asked, calmly, gazing into her eyes. Almost as if he didn't even realize he was pinning her down so she couldn't move. “That's not fair Jupiter, you know I do!” Eowyn protested, “Let go of me.” “Not unless you prove that you love me” replied Jupiter sternly, almost cold.

“What? Are you trying to blackmail me?” Eowyn contested, “It's really simple, just this once Wyn, not only will you feel better, but I'll also know that you really love me.” His grip tightened on her wrists as he finished his sentence, his lips exploring her neck and lower to her breasts. “Jupiter...” Wyn started, “I don't know if I'm ready to-.” 

 Her words cut off as he stared dead into her eyes, letting her hands go but staying on top of her. “If you love me then you won't say no.” Wyn lay silent for a moment, though she knew it wasn't intentional, his last words sounded cold, almost threatening... She soon felt her pants loosen, her panties being pulled off soon after. And silently, with tears forming from the pain of it, she lay there helpless, as he silently yet roughly, forced his way inside of her.  She had no idea her first time having sex would hurt so much.

A while later, after laying there contemplating what had just happened, Eowyn put her clothes back on. “I have to go” started Eowyn, “the funeral is in a few hours.” “Do you feel better?” asked Jupiter, a warm smile on his face, as if he didn't think he'd done anything wrong at all. “Yeah” replied Eowyn, “I actually do feel a bit better.” She headed out the door, forcing a smile on her face. Her mind confused and her body hurt. Still, she needed to go get ready for the funeral...

Back at the house Darius had led Elspeth into the backyard behind the gazebo. “What's this all about?” laughed Elspeth, “I still need to get changed.” Even though she wasn't quite 2 months along, her belly was already showing and Darius loved every bit of it. “There was something I needed to ask you before the funeral” started Darius, “and I wanted to make sure no one heard me except for you.” “Well?” asked Elspeth, the funeral starts in two hours, what is it?”

Elspeth's eyes grew wide as Darius knelt down and pulled out a small case. A shimmering diamond ring sat before her as he whispered “Elspeth Cook, will be my eternal love? My wife? Will you marry me?” She stuttered for a moment, trying to find the words before uttering “yes... But when? There's no way I'll fit in a dress! And the arrangements, you know I've never been good with that stuff!” “I know” replied Darius, “so why not skip all the arrangements and just do it now?” 

“What!?” shrieked Elspeth, “are you crazy? It's the day of your sisters funeral!” “Exactly” replied Darius calmly, “this day will be filled with sadness, mourning, and broken hearts. So why not put some good in it? Why not make it a happy day to remember? You know we've done more than our fair share of crazy things, so let me do one last crazy act. Give me that much.” Elspeth let out a girlish giggle that Darius hadn't heard since they were in high school, she nodded, and the two held a private wedding; 20 yards from the location of the funeral.

A couple hours later everyone had begun to arrive and the funeral was underway. As requested the funeral was for family only, the only exception being Anastasia's best friend, Deidra. As everyone gathered, the brothers Tattiel and Darius grew serious. They knew that despite their parents strength, they would not be in any condition to overlook the funeral, so they took it upon themselves.

Much to everyone's surprise, Melody made her way to the clearing in front of everyone, acoustic guitar in hand. No one had anticipated a performance, she certainly told no one. Everyone thought it would be near-impossible for her to attend without breaking down as she had been since the fire, much less perform anything. However, there she stood, making final adjustments to the guitars tuning. 

 Moments later she began to play, the song dedicated to Anastasia. It was an original piece that she had written within that week, soft, full of emotion and overflowing with love. As the words poured out of her mouth as the melody flowed from the guitar, so did her tears. Makeup ruined, voice near-breaking she stood firmly. Singing her love to her lost child, and there wasn't a dry eye by the time she finished. It was full of love beyond explanation, yet bittersweet.

After her performance Elspeth approached her to congratulate her on such a beautiful song. Melody then proceeded to speak highly of her daughter Anastasia, sharing stories of what she wanted to become and her daughters other goals and dreams.

Though it was short lived, the moment she began talking about her daughters dreams she simply couldn't hold it in any longer. She broke down, crying uncontrollably, and there was nothing anyone could do to comfort her.

While Darius fought against his tears, Tattiel and Eowyn couldn't help but mourn. Eowyn then began to break down in a more serious fashion, she began blaming herself for everything. “It should have been me!” she started, “I should have jumped in and grabbed her, it's my fault... It's my fault she's gone!” 

 She began to hug herself, writhing in pain. Her nails digging into her own arms, so much so that they started to draw blood. Seeing this Tattiel pulled her aside and did his best to calm her before she could hurt herself further. 

 “It's no one's fault Wyn” he said calmly, trying to sooth her as best he could. “If you jumped in after her you could have died too, and we need you, mom needs you. Now more than ever!” After speaking to her for roughly half an hour she calmed, thanking Tattiel and hugging him tightly.

As they finished speaking they heard a familiar voice sobbing, crying. “See” Tattiel whispered to her, “Right now Autumn needs us, needs you.” Eowyn looked over Tattiel's shoulder to see her younger sister Autumn. Mourning over the loss of her older sister, two small streams flowing from underneath her glasses. “That's right” whispered Eowyn, “Ana saved her, she witnessed the whole thing firsthand.” She slowly approached her little sister and held her close, not letting go as Autumn soaked her clothes with her tears.

Though it was full of aching hearts, the funeral was overflowing with love, love for the life that was lost, and love for those who were there to endure it.

As everyone began to depart Tattiel sat in the study alone, in deep thought. “Too long have I procrastinated” he though to himself, “life is too precious to just idle about, I've made my decision...”

Until next chapter...


  1. Very powerful chapter. My heart goes out to Eowyn, especially--mourning her sister and being put into a bad situation by her boyfriend. On a lighter note, I am pleased for Darius and Elspeth.

  2. stop making me cry Tai!!!! What Jupiter did was very wrong!! I didnt expect Darius to be the first one to settle down. What is Tattiel up to I wander??


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