Self Sacrifice

The plane flight home was much more lively then the flight to Shang Simla, all 3 girls chatting across from each other. There was much they wanted to do after landing, shopping among many other things. However, Melody was quite clear and instructed them to come straight home for the night after landing. Despite her calm voice over the phone, it was clear she missed them dearly.

Though Kai attempted to use writing as an excuse, Melody saw the blank screen and knew his real intentions for staying awake so late. “Kai, you know the girls flight won't arrive until 3am, come to bed. They're all responsible girls, you'll see them in the morning."

Of course the girls were not the only ones that would be returning home late. Tattiel was out staying the night at his girlfriends, and Darius was enjoying a late dinner with Elspeth.

That morning Melody had an appointment and practically dragged Kai out with her. “I won't have you swarming them the moment they wake up. We heard them come in giggles and all, you'll see them when we come back in the afternoon.” Tattiel was still at his girlfriend's and Darius had decided to stay the night at Elspeths.

Autumn was the first out of bed, she washed up and headed downstairs. Hearing the shower running, Anastasia also climbed out of bed and followed. “what are you doing?” questioned Anastasia, “I've never seen you try to cook.” “Well” started Autumn, “You cooked dinner for us the entire trip, and Wyn always cooked breakfast & lunch. So I figured I would cook everyone breakfast today.”

Anastasia let a half-smile show, which was something that Autumn never saw until their trip to China. “I'll just grab some fruit or something to hold me off until you're done then” she jested as she opened the fridge. After setting the waffles in the oven Autumn began pondering what she should use for a topping.

As she was rummaging through the refrigerator Anastasia smelled something disturbing... Smoke. “Autumn” she called as she looked over at her sister, who had become completely lost in thought, swirling her index finger as she made mental calculations. “Autumn!” yelled Anastasia, “snap out of it, the foods burning.” “Huh?” replied Autumn, as she looked to see smoke coming out of the oven.

Just as Autumn reached to open the door a loud boom erupted from the oven, flames shot out and began to catch the stove as a whole in a billowing flame. “AUTUMN!!! look out!” Screamed Anastasia as she pushed Autumn out of the way as hard as she could. Seconds later flames licked across the floor catching the counter across from the stove ablaze and creating a wall of flame in the process.

“WYN!” Autumn screamed at the top of her lungs, “help! Fire!!!” Autumn grabbed the emergency fire extinguisher as she fought to make an opening for Anastasia. Hearing both of her sisters screams, Eowyn threw her clothes on and practically jumped down the entire flight of stairs, wheeling in to a halt as she saw the flames erupting across the kitchen. “What's wrong with the fire alarm!? She yelled, “It's not going off!” “I can't call 119!” yelled Anastasia, “I left my cell phone it the bedroom!” “Just jump it!” yelled Eowyn, jump the counter tops!” Having no other choice Anastasia ran towards the counters to jump, her foot slipping on some of the flaming debris from the stove and spraining her ankle as she fell to the ground. “I can't!” She yelled in obvious pain from the sprain. “Wyn I can't move! Do something!” she yelled, the tone of her voice switching from pain to fear.

Meanwhile Autumn continued to fight the flames, but with little to no effect. The flames catching the nearby lamp oil and spread across the floor towards Anastasia, who was now pinned between the kitchen wall and the flames themselves. “Shit!” yelled Eowyn as she dialed 119 as fast as she could. Screaming at the operator to send firefighters. “Help us!” she yelled, now in a panic. “No! 5 minutes is too long! My sister's trapped! Please!!!” Tears already covering her cheeks, “you need to get here faster than that! We don't have that long, it's spreading too fast!”

Each minute felt like an eternity as Autumn continued to do all she could to fight it, to no avail. Eowyn now ran back and to the backyard to grab the water hose to do what she could to help. Just then, the inferno surrounding the stove hit the gasline, causing an explosion that launched Anastasia hard into the counter, her head making a sickening *crack* as it was rammed hard into it. “Help!” Anastasia continued to scream, tears soaking her face, now in a complete panic. Fighting to stay conscious, “Autumn, Wyn! Please!!! Help me! I'm scared!” Her words drifted off and erupted into screams of agony as the flames rolled over her legs and grabbed at her clothes. There were no more words, only screams so loud and piercing that it took the two sisters all they had to keep from throwing themselves in to try to help, knowing they too would be trapped if they did.

After what seemed like forever, the sound of their door being kicked in echoed through the house as firefighters rushed to put out the flames. Though Anastasia's screams stopped moments before the fire was put out. Firefighters ran in to try to recessitate Anastasia's badly burned body, only to walk out shaking their heads... Despite their efforts, they could do nothing more. Seeing the ambulance and firetrucks parked outside, Tattiel burst through the door, only to arrive in time to hear the firefighter tell Eowyn and Autumn that she was gone. Just then, the reaper himself came to guide Anastasia to the afterlife.

Eowyn in complete shock, broke down helplessly as she saw Anastasia's spirit in a lump as she arose from the floor. As she arose, she turned and looked directly at Autumn. Speaking, but no words came out. Autumn had learned to read lips, and was able to catch what Anastasia was saying: “You're safe, good... I love you.”

She then dropped to her knees in front of the reaper, appearing to beg for another chance, but alas. No chance was given, and moments later, she was gone.

Full of panic & worry, Melody ran into the kitchen. “What happened!? Is everything ok!?” Terrified, her eyes scanning the room for her children. “I saw Darius while I was out, Autumn, what's wrong with Wyn?” Though all Autumn could do was look at her mother, tears streaming down her own face as well, as if screaming in silence. “Where's Ana!?” Melody demanded, “where's Anastasia!?” “Mom” Tattiel whispered, visibly shaken. “Tattiel, where's your sister!?” she demanded, tears welling in her eyes, “where's my child!?” Though it took all of his strength to keep from crying himself, he held her still, firmly but gently and managed to whisper, “mom, Ana... Ana's gone.” Melody's entire body went limp as she broke down completely and cried uncontrollably. Tattiel felt completely helpless as he held his mother. The strongest woman he knew now felt so frail as she soaked his shirt in her tears.

Silence covered the entire household, Kai spent every second with Melody, doing his best to comfort her. Though he himself was near breaking down himself. Eowyn and Autumn were checked out by the EMT's for smoke inhalation, but appeared to be ok physically. Though there was no telling how traumatized they would be, they were told to get plenty of rest, and without waiting for Kai to tell them, they headed upstairs for a nap. Though their dreams were far from pleasant.

Melody explained that she wanted to be the one to tell Elsa, and headed for the door. “No” Kai said sternly, “you are in no condition to drive anywhere, I'll go with you.” “No, no; Melody sighed, I want to tell her alone Kai. Just drop me off then.” Shaken, and barely able to walk, she made her way to Elsa's door as Kai looked form the car. On his way to another dinner with Elspeth, Darius stopped dead in his tracks, shocked and shaken from the call he received from his father Kai. Hearing his little sister had just died.

While Autumn fought with all she had to keep calm, she turned most of her attention to Eowyn, who was clearly shaken beyond measure. It wasn't just her sister that she lost, it was her twin, the one person she shared everything with, including their mothers womb...

At the end of the day, as night settled in and everyone headed for bed, Melody stood in silence. She had no words, her mind in disarray. She merely stood at the foot of Anastasia's bed, countless thoughts swarming through her mind. “She was about to start her junior year in high school” Melody thought, “senior year then graduation, college... She wanted to be an actress... find love, get married, even start a family of her own...” Tears fell silently again dripping into small pools in front of her as she continued to stare at her daughters bed. “Gone, all gone” she whispered. As she stood there, lost in thought and mourning, she swayed, her legs as frail as her now shattered heart. The smallest feather being more than enough weight to shatter her...

Until next chapter...


  1. RIP Anastasia--so sad to see such a terrific character leave the story.

  2. RIP

    I will mis her

  3. Awww. WOW. That was well written! :-( Goodness gracious. Miss her already

  4. Wow ooh Wow! I hated her, and yet still teared up when I read this. I spent alot of time last night and all today catching up. I kinda fell off reading your story after you introduce my Lothario and Foster Home households to your story. Think I will take a break and finish catching up. Great Work!

  5. Jenn! It's good to hear from you! It's been a while, glad to hear from you. :) True, Anastasia definitely earned a lot of hatred (and with good reason) but in the end she really did love her sisters. ;)

  6. OH WOW!!! Now you have got me crying and I didn't even like her!! Great Job Tai you made me cry always a sign something is well written :)

    1. Even "I" get teary eyed reading it, and I'm the one who wrote it! Lol. Even now I still miss Ana, she was definitely a character.


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