3 sisters in China

Warning: This chapter contains foul language and suggestive themes. Continue reading at your own discretion.

As the plane soared above the Atlantic and over Europe, the three girls sat in anticipation. Anastasia remained silent, discontent written all over her face as she stared out the window onto the countryside beneath her. Eowyn and Autumn enjoyed conversation as they sat across from their sister. Chatting and having the occasional laugh, which only seemed to upset Anastasia further. As they neared Shang Simla International Airport the girls were in awe. Even Anastasia couldn't help but glare in amazement at the beautiful, lush countryside. As the plane landed and they boarded the off-ramp they headed towards the resort Melody reserved for them.

As Eowyn and Anastasia finished putting their luggage away, Autumn stood for a moment, mumbling to herself and making calculations. She wanted to have as much fun as possible and efficiency was key to that.

As Autumn finished her calculations she remembered she still needed to unpack and headed up to their room. As she passed Eowyn and Anastasia she quickly shouted “forgot to unpack! Be downstairs in a a few!” Anastasia then proceeded to roll her eyes in disgust. “You're just doing that now!?” He and Eowyn headed downstairs to the clearing to wait. “For all those brains of hers, she's incredibly stupid” started Anastasia, I can't believe she-” “Just leave her alone Ana” interrupted Eowyn, “you're just as excited as she is, just leave her-” “Give it a rest Wyn!” Anastasia shouted, cutting her sister off. “You always start mouthing off when it comes to Autumn! Autumn this and Autumn that! Why don't you go upstairs and make out with her while you're at it! Matter of fact I'm sure you'd like to do much more to her than that don't you? Sure she's your sister, but go ahead! I wouldn't expect anything more from a piece of trash loser like you.”

Damn it Ana!” shouted Eowyn, “That's just sick and wrong! That's your sister you're talking about! She's my sister just as much as she is yours! How can you even think of such things, much less say them!” Eowyn could feel she was loosing her cool, much more than the usual. “I'm tired of your shit Ana, we've put up with your bitching since we were kids and I'm tired of it! You're a self-centered bitch who thinks she's better than the world. We'll guess what, we're always going to be your sisters whether you like it or not! So stop your bitching and complaining, one of these days someone's not going to take your shit and they're going to kick your ass!

Eowyn continued to lash out at Anastasia, all the years of keeping it bottled up finally taking their toll and bursting from her lips. “Be glad you're my sister Ana, cause I'm about this close to kicking your ass mysel-” Eowyn's words were cut off as Anastasia swung, slapping Eowyn so hard it sent her backward. Losing focus and feeling dazed for a moment.

The fuck you calling a self-centered bitch!?” Anastasia lashed, “listen here you piece of worthless shit, you want me to kill you? You think just because you're my piece of shit sister I gotta put up with you? You better back the fuck up before I end you! Understand!?

Before Anastasia could continue her threats Eowyn had both fists clenched. That was it, all of their countless arguments had never been like this before. In all of their years of arguing Anastasia had never laid hands on her, not even once. She was her sister, and Eowyn knew she would never do such a thing. But no matter what, no matter who, she would defend herself. Even if it was against her own sister. Before Anastasia could slap her again Eowyn had both fists clenched and swung. Connecting on Anastasia's shoulder as she tried to dodge.

Anastasia snapped, lunging forward and grabbing Eowyn by the throat and throwing her to the ground. Both girls exchanging blows, though Eowyn could not seem to break free of Anastasia's grasp. Their muffled grunts and screams shrouded in a cloud of dust as they fought. Eowyn struggled to break free of Anastasia as she was held in a headlock under Anastasia's arm. Using all she had to try to wrench free while Anastasia used her other hand to claw Eowyn's face. Despite the several punches to Anastasia's stomach she couldn't seem to break free. Feeling her strength weakening as she was clawed and punched. It hurt to breath, tears building up and falling to the ground as Anastasia kept on with seemingly endless scratches and punches. Each blow and claw feeling stronger and deeper than the last. As if the very hatred Anastasia held for her and Autumn strengthened her. Despite the fact that she could hardly defend herself now, much less fight back, Anastasia showed no sign of letting go, as if she reveled and enjoyed the drops of blood that fell from Eowyn's face.

Just as suddenly as she had lunged, Anastasia grabbed Eowyn by the hair, throwing her to the ground. “Know your place you piece of shit!” She yelled as she stared down at Eowyn, sneering as Eowyn struggled to stand, sobbing and trying to regain her balance. Anastasia then stormed off toward the town square on her own without a word.

After a while Eowyn was able to stand without losing balance, her mind & body racked in pain. Every breath hurt, her knuckles red and starting to swell and blood dripping from the clawmarks on her face & neck. Furious, but hurt, Eowyn fought to stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. Cleaning up her face and clothes as best she could.

A few minutes later she could hear Autumn coming, “sorry Wyn! I got carried away organizing everything! I was completely sidetracked! Did Ana already go into-” her words cut from her own lips as she noticed Eowyn standing there, dirty, silent, and bleeding.

By the simgods!” shouted Autumn, Wyn what happened to you!? Are you ok!? Simgods Wyn, you're badly hurt and bleeding! Here let me-” “No, Autumn...” Eowyn interrupted, “please... Just... Not right now...” “Nonsense Wyn you're hurt! Please if you'll just let me help-” “I said I'm fine! Interrupted Eowyn again as she backed away slowly, “I just... I just need to be alone for a while.”

Meanwhile in the town square Anastasia was still furious. “I can't believe her!” she thought to herself, “going that far just to stand up for Autumn, she's old enough to defend herself! She didn't need to mouth off that much for someone who's old enough to do it themselves.” She stared at her hands for a moment, and could still see the slight red tint from the blood she washed off. She had spent several minutes scrubbing, trying to get the blood off her hands and from under her fingernails. Her stomach was badly bruised from Eowyn's desperate attempts to free herself, and the simple thought of food made Anastasia a bit nauseous.

Why am I dwelling on this?” she thought to herself, she felt pain; not the pain from the fight, a different pain. One she wasn't familiar with, “what's this?” she asked herself as a tear fell. “The hell am I crying for? She deserved it...” Her thoughts were interrupted as she noticed one of the local sims staring at her. He looked away quickly when he saw her stare at him. “What's this?” Anastasia wondered, “he's kinda cute...” She ran her fingers through her hair and proceeded to go talk to the shy sim.

About half an hour later Autumn returned from their room to the clearing to check on Eowyn who was still there, beaten, depressed and obviously hurt. “Didn't I say I needed some time alone?” started Eowyn, “no” Autumn replied, a determined look on her face. “What do you mean no? I told you I-” before Eowyn could finish Autumn wrapped her arms around her. As she stood there holding Eowyn, Autumn could feel how frail her sister felt, she wasn't bigger or stronger than she was and could feel her slim frail body shaking. Whatever happened Eowyn had given it everything she had and much more. “Why won't you listen!?” Shouted Eowyn, “let me go!” “No” Autumn whispered, holding onto Eowyn gently but firmly. “What do you mean no?” Eowyn continued, “I said let me go! Autumn, let me go! Let... Let me...” Her words became muffled as she struggled to hold it in. Autumn felt the moisture of tears on her shoulder, followed by a total breakdown as Eowyn cried in her arms, telling her everything.

I'm sorry” Autumn said repeatedly, holding Eowyn she whispered, “let's go upstairs and get you cleaned up. Let's go out and enjoy ourselves, just me and you. Mom sent us here to have fun and that's what we're going to do. I'll do your makeup to help cover all of it, and don't worry about the swelling. I read some of Elsa's notes from medical school. I can take care of the swelling too.

Meanwhile across town Anastasia was enjoying a lively conversation with Jin Woo. She enjoyed a lovely lunch, went with him to see the Terra Cotta army monument, and was now discussing fine cuisine among the beautiful scenery.

After giving Eowyn all the medical attention she could to bring down the swelling, and spending roughly an hour on makeup to cover the cuts and bruises, Autumn and Eowyn went into town to enjoy the sights and sounds of town square. Enjoying each others company and making the most out of every moment.

Though they were not sure how the local paparazzi caught wind as to who they were, it didn't take them long to start following them around.

Still, Eowyn and Autumn relished every moment they spent. Shopping, enjoying the new foods, as well as a few games of chess in the scholars garden. They strolled the town hand-in-hand, becoming closer and bonding with each passing hour.

As the day turned to late afternoon Eowyn had convinced Autumn that they needed to learn self-defense. Autumn didn't like the idea but still conceded, the wounds on Eowyn's body being all the proof she needed to realize it was something that she needed to at least learn the basics.

As Eowyn headed toward the Phoenix martial arts school to begin training, Autumn explained that she had her own way of learning. Eowyn nodded and proceeded to learn the basics of sim-fu. She hated the reason why she was learning it, and just the memory of what happened that morning was enough to make her eyes water. Still she fought back her tears and focused on learning self-defense.

Autumn on the other hand knew she would learn more from pages as opposed to working up a sweat at the Phoenix martial arts academy. She relaxed in the scholars garden and read “an introduction to sim-fu”.

Meanwhile across the village, the impossible was happening. Weak in the knees and heart fluttering, Anastasia was gazing deep into Jin Woo's eyes. They had the most marvelous time out together and she simply didn't know someone like him even existed.

You are really something you know that?” She commented, her eyes lost in his, easing her way closer to him. “I didn't know I would even have fun here, let alone meet someone like you Jin... There is no one back home like you at all. Your build... You must work out a lot, and your cheeks, I love them!” He simply blushed and stared back at her. “And the blushing!"  She giggled, "I love it!”

Without hesitation Anastasia leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, hoping, praying he wouldn't shun her or turn her away... And he didn't.

But, but” he started, “I already know what you're going to say” Interrupted Anastasia, I know I'll only be here for a couple more days. But my family does have money, I can see you again and again until we have enough money to be together.” She explained as she took his hand. “Jin Woo, will you be my boyfriend? Will you be with me?” He nodded silently as she kissed him again, entering his home as the sun began to set over the mountains.

As the sun set, so did Eowyn's stamina. She was given her official Gui from the local instructor who overlooked her training and tried them on. She felt accomplished, even though she knew it was only the beginning. Exhausted and sweaty, she began to head home to shower.

Meanwhile, back at Jin Woo's home, he and Anastasia had enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by his parents and had begun relaxing on the couch.

Though both of their desires were focused on a bit more than just relaxing...

While Anastasia had begun to talk about cooking, Jin Woo changed the subject and began questioning her about her home, and if there was anything serious he could help with.

What do you mean by that?” Anastasia questioned, confused. “There's nothing going on, I'm fine.” “Look at your hands” Jin Woo started, “Your hands are still very red around your knuckles, and they are very tender when I hold them. I study sim-fu Ana, don't you think I could tell if you've been in a fight recently?” Anastasia fell silent for a moment, before finally telling Jin Woo what had happened that morning.

She explained how her grandparents as well as her parents were highly successful and great people. “My sisters are so clueless! She continued, they don't take it seriously enough!” She began mocking Eowyn's ambitions, and about how she changes her mind as to what she want's to be every other day. After a moment, Jin Woo stopped her. “Ana” he started, “listen to me, I can't stand you. You are nothing but trash that I decided to pick up from the ground and use until I'm finished with you. Then I won't even bother throwing you away, I'll just leave you on the ground. Used and worthless.”

Anastasia's eyes grew wide, her mouth even wider as she struggled to find words. She felt every fiber of her being racked with pain as if she had been stabbed countless times. Despite her attempts to fight it, tears streamed down both her eyes and for a moment she couldn't even breathe. As she began to stand, Jin Woo placed his hand on her arm and sat her back down. “How do you feel right now?” he asked, speachless, Anastasia couldn't even form words. There was no way she could explain the pain she felt right now. Before she could form a reply, Jin Woo continued. “Remember this feeling Ana, remember it well. Because I promise you, what I just told you was a complete lie. You know I care about you, and there is no way I could ever say such a thing to you like that and mean it.”

Shocked even further and speechless, despite her attempts to speak, all she could manage in a sobbing whisper was “why? Why would you say such a thing to me! You know how I feel about you... I... Love you!” “Exactly” he started, “and your sisters love you even more than you love me. Take that feeling you have right now, and imagine how they must have felt. How they still feel. To love you that much, only to be yelled at, mocked, mistreated, verbally abused, and not just once like I did to you. They've probably felt much worse than you do right now for most of their lives.

Anastasia's eyes grew wide for a moment before more tears began to fall. “What have I done?” she wondered to herself, “simgods blood, what did I do to Wyn!?” She sunk into the sofa and fell into deep thought. Reminiscing over all the years... “Thank you Jin” she whispered as her tear-stained cheeks and lips formed a smile, “I... have a lot to think about....” She hugged him tightly and kissed him before heading back to the resort.

As she entered she could hear Eowyn and Autumn in the bathroom, the occasional laughter followed by chatter. Letting out a long sigh, Anastasia thought to herself; “where do I even start?” she thought. “Especially after this morning...” That's when it hit her, “that's the reason?” she thought to herself. Remembering how the tears fell shortly after her fight with Eowyn, “that's why I was crying? Is it even possible to regret something without even realizing it?” Then the thought came to mind, “it is dinnertime... Guess I can do the cooking.”

Autumn was the first to leave the bathroom, “dinners ready!” Called Anastasia as she entered the kitchen. Autumn looked at her, dumbfounded and obviously in shock. “I... Thought we could enjoy a nice dinner together...” started Anastasia, “It's... Not as good as mom's... I can't cook that well so I made an autumn salad...” Autumn smiled a bit at her older sister and grabbed a plate, continuing to sit down next to Anastasia and enjoy the meal. “It's good” complemented Autumn, “I... Thank you...” replied Anastasia quietly.

So” continued Anastasia, “where's Wyn? I thought I heard both of you in there, what's taking her so long?” Autumn's face sunk into a slighty depressed look, “she's doing her makeup...” Anastasia gave her a rather confused look, “why would she put on makeup before going to slee-” Anastasia cut herself off as she realized Eowyn was putting on makeup to cover the scratches and bruises from that morning. “Oh, I see...” she whispered, her heart ached just from remembering what she had done. So much so she almost couldn't take it.

Struggling to find a way to change the subject, Ana continued, “you know Autumn, there are some really cute boys here. If you just let your hair down some and let me do your make up, you could be pretty cute.” She then proceed to talk about her new boyfriend Jin Woo.

As Anastasia and Autumn continued to enjoy their meal, Eowyn grabbed a plate and entered silently. Hearing her two sisters chatting. “What's she up to, being nice all of a sudden?” Eowyn wondered. Still, there was no way she could even speak to Anastasia, let alone eat with her, especially after what she did that morning. She sat at the other table and ate her dinner in silence...

As she finished her meal Eowyn turned to head upstairs to bed when she saw her. She was standing there blocking her way. Anastasia stood there, staring at her, as if straining to find words. “Please Wyn, just hear me out.” Before she could continue, Eowyn stepped aside to get around her when Anastasia stepped in front of her again. “PLEASE!? Just... Hear me out Wyn! You don't have to listen, but at least let me speak... I... I'm sorry! I know I've done a lot of bad things to you and Autumn... I know you probably won't forgive me either, but please, I really am sorry!

Anastasia's face grew desperate as she pleaded with Eowyn, “I know I had no right to hit you, and I should never have put my hands on you in the first place... I feel horrible about it... I know you probably won't believe me but I really, really do... I don't know if I'll ever be able to make it up to you, if you'll ever find a way to forgive me. I'll do anything, anything! I'm begging you Wyn... Please forgive me! She fell silent as she could no longer hold back her tears as they began streaming down her face. All she could do is whisper “please... please...” over and over again. Her voice reduced to a whimper as she continued.

Eowyn could feel her anger boiling up again. She wanted nothing more than to get revenge, to make her feel the pain she felt that morning. She wanted her sister to suffer as she suffered all morning, seeing her sister in front of her with a face covered in tears disturbed her. Yet she simply could not, would not lower herself to that level. She would be no better than Anastasia if she did. “Forgive you!?” Eowyn started, “do you even remember what you did to me this morning!? You nearly broke my ribs! You tried to gouge out my eyes as you kicked my ass! Even when I couldn't even defend myself anymore you just kept hitting me! Kicking me! I have to spend an hour putting makup on my face and neck every time I want to go out to cover up the wounds you gave me! You may be my sister Ana, and I have to love you because of that, but I don't have to forgive you... And you can bet your ass that I won't forget either. Autumn might have forgiven you, but not me, not that easily. You can't just walk in here and expect me to forget and forgive everything simply because you say you're sorry... It's going to take a lot more than that, if I even forgive you... Good night.

The three of them enjoyed a sound sleep the entire night.

As their alarms went off late into the morning, Anastasia stopped them as they were headed to the bathroom. “Autumn, Wyn” she started, “I've been doing a lot of thinking, and let's face it. We're cute, you may not realize it, but you're my sisters, so I know you're cute. I say we all head upstairs and give each other makeovers! We are three cute girls in a gorgeous country, let's go have fun!” Autumn readily agreed, but Eowyn waited a few moments before nodding cautiously in agreement. Even if she didn't really trust Anastasia, the least she could do was go to keep an eye on Autumn to make sure she was safe.

After her makeover, Eowyn headed into the kitchen to prepare an early lunch for everyone.

After a filling of mac & cheese, the three sisters stood out front in the clearing ready to start their day. “So where to?” Questioned Autumn, Eowyn glancing at Anastasia in agreement to the question. “Where else? Mom said it, this village is known for it's hot springs!”

The three of them proceeded to spend the entire day at the hot springs, and Anastasia was sure to chat about all of the dance clubs they should go to once they return home tomorrow night.

That night Anastasia made her only specialty again, Autumn salad.

The following morning she tried her hand at making pancakes, though it wasn't nearly as easy as their mother Melody made it look.

After breakfast Anastasia told Eowyn and Autumn to go about their last day without her. She wanted to spend it with Jin Woo and would meet up with them again at sundown. She mentioned having a surprise for them, and would see them soon.

Eowyn and Autumn enjoyed everything. Food, scenery, the sights, and each others laughter. As the day went on, they made a commitment to each other. To be BFF's!

As the sun set and fell into night, Eowyn and Autumn followed Anastasia into the fields. “Is this going to be safe?” Questioned Eowyn, “not only that, but will we make it back in time for our flight?” added Autumn. “We'll be fine, this is so going to be worth it!” explained Anastasia, excitement in her voice. She pulled out a large cylinder of fireworks and headed for a clearing.

Ok” started Anastasia, “stand back a bit, this is going to be so cool!” Eowyn and Autumn stood back a bit as Anastasia lit the fireworks.

The three of them spent the rest of their night watching in awe at the fireworks that Anastasia brought from her visit with Jin Woo.

And the three of them headed for the airport, hand-in-hand.

Until next chapter...


  1. I was not expecting Anastasia to ever have a change of heart, I am glad she did, though I will miss her evil ways. The fireworks look great!

  2. oh

    so glad to see Ana change, but will it stay when they gets home?

  3. What a fight! Wow, I am glad to see her change. They will still argue I am sure (as sisters do) But at least they will not despise each other to the core... Awesome fireworks!

  4. OMG I never expected that - it started how i expected but was socked at her changed = not even sure i like the nice anastasia lol

    1. I know what you mean, and they have only just left. Only time will tell how long it lasts. ;)


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