Some time has passed in the Ryuzaki household, birthdays are around the corner once again and the house is full of hustle & bustle. As Elsa slept many thoughts drifted through her mind. She may have been able to hide it from everyone else, but she could certainly could not hide it from herself. Her heart craved for it, she yearned for it, yet it was the one thing her intelligence could not acquire… Love. Not like a family love, for she had plenty of that, the love of another. This was something she never even attempted to indulge in.

That morning both Eowyn and Anastasia arose and prepared for school as usual. After giving Eowyn the usual dirty looks Anastasia then asked her sister: “So what’s wrong with big sis?” “I don’t know” replied Eowyn, “even though she smiles a lot she doesn’t look happy, and even though she sleeps a lot she still looks tired.” “Yeah,” agreed Anastasia, “think we should ask her what’s wrong after school?” “I don’t think so” replied Eowyn, “ I don’t think it’s something that we can help her with, let’s just make her as happy as we can.” The two girls then went to enjoy their breakfast.

As they entered the dining area the sound of giggles could be heard as Autumn seemed to really enjoy her pegs. Not only was she enjoying it but she seemed to be placing the correct shapes with ease.

As the day flew by and night approached Elsa finally finished another hard days work. Just as she left the hospital she noticed a celebrity of renown in the parking lot. A few sims had noticed her and a small gathering was starting. I bit intrigued Elsa approached to see if she needed anything. Surely she wasn’t at a hospital just to chat to the crowd.

“Can I help you with anything? I’m part of the hospital personnel here” asked Elsa. “Ah yes!” replied the celebrity. “I’m here to get a prescription, but as you can see I’m having a tough time just getting through the parking lot.” Elsa laughed a bit and proceeded to fill and deliver the prescription. “Thank you so much!” replied the celebrity, “don’t worry about it” replied Elsa. The two found themselves enjoying a small conversation that drifted on for nearly an hour before they realized the time and departed.

Back at home Tattiel was clearing the back patio of the dishes. “Have you been nicer to your sister lately?” He asked Anastasia as she helped him clear them. “Duh, I only spoke my mind to her a couple of times today, that’s much better than the usual.” She turned away avoiding eye contact, an obvious lie. Disappointed and a little irritated by his sisters actions Tattiel ignored her response and took the dishes inside. The one he was really concerned about wasn’t exactly Eowyn, lately Darius has been his main concern, for he has certainly been acting… Different lately.

The following day Elsa was awake earlier than usual, she had been promoted and had become an actual resident at the hospital! “An official” doctor at last” she thought; she knew grandma Amy would be proud, yet for some reason she didn’t feel content at all. In fact, she felt as if something was missing, something important. Still, she left for work with a smile as usual.

Melody’s day on the other hand wasn’t nearly as positive or cheerful. Autumn was having another one of those “moments” where something seemed very wrong, and Melody was getting very concerned. Autumn seemed very irritable and somewhat in pain. She wouldn’t even sit on her potty without a fight.

After giving up on the potty for now Melody simply held Autumn. “What’s wrong sweetie?” She whispered, “mommy is already getting grey hairs, no need to add to them, what’s wrong?” She didn’t actually expect Autumn to reply, but it was comforting to ask, she knew she would be scheduling another doctors appointment soon. Even if they didn’t find anything last time, she simply couldn’t leave her daughter in this condition.

Even mealtime was an issue, the normally calm happy toddler was very irritable and short-tempered.

That was the last straw, Melody dialed the hospitals number and was transferred to a new doctor who specialized in babies & toddlers. Much to her surprise, when the doctor introduced herself on the phone and said hello Melody knew that voice! It was Elsa! Both shocked yet proud, Melody explained what was going on with Autumn. Elsa simply said: “don’t worry mom, don’t even schedule an appointment. I can examine her when I get home.” After hearing this Melody felt very much relieved, it was true, no appointment was needed. It seemed Autumn’s doctor would always be on hand, especially since she lived there!

Melody spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Autumn and teaching her how to walk. Despite Autumns “moments” she was catching on very quickly.

School must have been very exhausting, because later that day both Anastasia & Eowyn came home and went straight upstairs without saying a word, and before she knew it they were both asleep. “My my” thought Melody, “today must have been quite a day for them.” She smiled as she began to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile Kai was helping out with Autumn, despite what Melody mentioned about what happened earlier Kai saw nothing wrong with Autumn. She even used her potty without any issues at all.

That night Tattiel rarely left his room, from the bits & pieces that could be heard out in the hall, it seemed like he was enjoying a lively conversation with his friend Peyton Suzuki.

Darius on the other hand was downstairs inviting someone over. He seemed to be taking very special care not to have his conversation overheard.

Meanwhile, that night after work Elsa decided to go on a lovely night out to unwind a bit. She decided that Aquarius was a nice place to relax for a bit.

Back at home it seemed Darius’ friend stopped by, a rebellious type girl who wore a lot of black with dark makeup. As she approached Darius cut off whomever he was speaking with and hung up the phone. “What’s up babe? What took you so long?”

The two started chatting about their day at school, the notes they passed, how they almost got caught smoking by the teacher in the hall, and how she knew a great place to get some fake ID’s.

Melody glanced out the window from the second floor for a bit. She knew Darius had been acting different lately, and after watching them talk outside she had a feeling that girl was the reason why. Though she couldn’t hear what they were saying their body language was definitely troubling.

“So why won’t you go out with me then?” asked Darius, “because!” the girl replied in frustration. You know I’m going out with Lil! She’s so sweet, if I dated a guy it would definitely be you but Lil is like my other half.” Darius just rolled his eyes and carried on with their conversation. “If you can get our fake ID’s I know the perfect bar to hang out!” He replied with excitement.

Meanwhile back at Aquarius Elsa was enjoying a drink when she noticed the bartender in the VIP area had suddenly began screaming in pain while holding his stomach. “Oh my!” shrieked Elsa as she bolted for the door to assist him, but when she approached the door the bouncer stopped her. “Let me in!” she yelled, “there is someone in danger! I’m a doctor! Let me in!” The bouncer glared at her sternly and didn’t budge. “I’m serious” Elsa yelled, “I’m a doctor and that man is in serious pain, let me in to help him! Please! You can follow me if you need to, just let me in so I can help him! The bouncer just glared at her and popped his knuckles, silently threatening Elsa not to ask again…

Frustrated, furious and completely confused at the bouncer’s ignorance Elsa walked away slowly… She began to feel a major headache coming. “This is ridiculous” she thought. “I’m a doctor, I have my ID to prove it and he still won’t let me help that poor man. I really hope it isn’t anything too serious… She took out her cell phone and called her hospital to have an ambulance sent over.

Back at home Kai stood in front of the garden, he remembered how beautiful it looked on the day they all moved in. As he stared at it, now dry and dying; thorns overgrowing everything and withered. He knew his family had many difficulties, and that they were not going to be solved overnight, but something had to change. And soon…


  1. Your back :)

    loving it...

  2. Ah, yes. I apologize for the month-long delay. I simply couldn't play at all. My PC was just too old to handle all the EP's and SP's. So I bought a laptop. :) The next update won't take a month, that's a promise. ;)

  3. Glad to see an update. I hope nothing serious is wrong with the Autumn.

  4. Back trying to catch up! Good update :D

    1. Lorelei - It's good to see you here again! Glad you liked the update, I hope you continue to enjoy them. Your comments are always appreciated. :D

  5. Darius definitely looks like he is up to no good!! Is autumn just playing up for her mom!! It does look like at the moment that their move to Bridgeport might have been the wrong one for them = I hope not!!

    1. Bridgeport was definitely a big move, everyone is settling in and changing a little. You'll see just what everyone's up to soon enough. ;)


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