(Warning - Post contains drug-use, may not be suitable for children.)

Things seemed to be growing rather heavy throughout the household.  Despite both Melody & Kai’s attempts Anastasia and Eowyn continued to fight constantly.  Anastasia has even begun to show discontent with Autumn for no apparent reason.  Aside from Darius & Tattiel the only other sibling she seemed to get along with was Elsa.  Weeks have passed since Kai was in deep thought while staring at the withered garden…

Feeling the sun’s rays on her face and regaining consciousness soon after, Elsa awoke to find herself on the ground in front of her home.  “Ugh…  Eh, what?  How did I?”  Realizing where she was she quickly picked herself up off of the ground and hurried inside.  It was roughly 7:30am, another half hour and everyone would have come out to go to school and found her there, asleep from drunkenness.  “I don’t have a drinking problem, I know that much.” She thought, “still, I think I need to be much more mindful of myself.  I should have known when to stop.”

“I know it’s late but your mother and I left your presents outside” said Kai to the boys, as Melody looked at them with a warm smile.  “No way” gasped Darius as he seemed to have an idea.  Tattiel thanked them for his present before he even knew what it was, still he headed outside calmly as his brother bolted for the garage.  “Whoa!  Yes!” Shouts of joy echoed out of the garage from Darius’ shouts of joy.  Tattiel stopped at the doorway, shock written across his normally calm face.  “We know how much you like the outdoors Darius”, started Melody, “so we figured the chopper would be more to your taste.  Tattiel, you’re love for art is matched only by your grandmothers, so we thought something a bit more sleek would be best.”  Both boys hugged their parents tightly, and soon after departed on their new motorcycles. 

After a bit of cruising around Darius called his best friend Elspeth to hang out.  “Meet me on the side of Waylon’s Haunt” Elspeth snickered over the phone, I’ve got some great stuff for us!  Without a second thought Darius was out on the road heading for northern Bridgeport.

He arrived to see Elspeth separating the pills, “so what kind to you have now?” asked Darius.  “I didn’t like the last ones much, my buzz died too quickly.”  Elspeth turned and winked at him, “we’re going to be high as a kite!” she replied, excitement written all over her face.  “Not only do I have some vics as well as a few perks; but I also have some yellow-jackets!”  “So are you going to stand there asking questions?  Or are you going to open your hand and take these!?”  Darius opened his hand as Elspeth gave him his share.  Darius pulled out a small bottle of vodka and took a swig to wash down the pills before handing it to Elspeth.  Minutes later the two were indeed feeling the effects of the drugs.

Back at home Tattiel had finished chatting with Peyton over the phone, he intended to invite her over for a bit but she already had plans on a study session with her mom.  Somewhat disappointed he decided to work on his painting.  “I’ve put this one off for way too long” he thought to himself, “might as well finish it so I can find a new inspiration.”

“Ugh, tell me about it, she even looks happy while she’s doing her homework!” Complained Anastasia on the phone to her friend Deidre Little, “I can’t believe someone that nerdy is my twin sister, she’s not cool at all.  It’s ok though, I put peanut butter on her pillow last night while she was sleeping; took her 2 hours to wash it out!” She laughed on the phone. 

As Tattiel continued to finish the paining he noticed a figure approaching the front door through the window.  “Peyton!?” he whispered to himself excitedly, "she must have cancelled her study session!"  He quickly placed the paint and brush away on the easel and went to greet her.

Meanwhile, Darius and Elspeth were still high off drugs and drinking outside of Waylon’s Haunt.  Laughing about everything and nothing, occasionally stopping to enjoy a sip or two from the alcohol Darius snuck out of his house.  “You’re lucky I’m dating Lil” said Elspeth with a smirk, “otherwise I’d be tempted to enjoy some fun back here.”  She stared him up and down, focusing for a minute between his legs before staring back at him.  “Is that so?” he replied, undressing her with his eyes and smiling at the thought.  “So what’s stopping you?  You’re on the pill right?  It’s not like anyone comes back here anyway, besides, I’m sure Lil wouldn’t notice if you’ve been with me or not.  She’s a girl after all.”  Both Elspeth and Darius just stared at each other lustfully for a long moment before hearing a bum rummaging through the nearby trashcan.  “Well, so much for that idea” sighed Elspeth, “guess I’ll see you later then.”  The two enjoyed a final sip before finishing the drink and throwing it away.

“I…  Don’t know if that’s a good idea Tattiel, I’m already at the end of my senior year.  I won’t be in the same school much longer.”  Tattiel simply stared at Peyton as the words left his lips, “I know, but I don’t think that doesn’t mean we can’t be together.  So you’re a little older, I’m ok with that.”  “I know Tiel, but I’m the one who isn’t comfortable with it.”  Elsa continued to walk as she overheard their conversation, her own thoughts beginning to run through her head.  “I wonder why I was never interested when I was their age” she thought, “it’s almost foolish to think, but my own little brother seems to be much farther ahead of me when it comes to love.  Despite the fact that it won’t work out from the sounds of it, at least he’s trying…”  She shook the trailing thoughts out of her head, “no, not tonight, I’m going to enjoy myself tonight and that’s that.”

“I’ll talk to you later Deidre, it’s my mom’s birthday today and she’s inviting some people over” sighed Anastasia.  “Just wish she would have celebrated it with just us, but hopefully some of the people are famous, maybe I’ll get an autograph!  Well, I’ll talk to you later.”  She hung up the phone and headed upstairs to touch up her hair, the last thing she would tolerate would be messy hair, especially if any celebrities were coming.

Laughs and chatter could be heard outside the house as Tattiel enjoyed a lively conversation with Peyton.  The two grew very close and spoke nearly everyday, “aren’t you going to celebrate her birthday inside?” asked Peyton, “not this year” replied Tattiel, “she told us to treat today like any other day, she invited a few guests over but doesn’t want us making a big deal out of it.  I think it’s a little weird but if that’s what she wants I won’t go against it.” 

As her birthday passed a few thoughts dwelled on Melody’s mind, “what should I do now?  I suppose I should start thinking about retirement, but Kai has already refused to retire.  Should I?”  The sound of a small celebration horn snapped her out of her thoughts, she looked over and saw Eowyn standing alone in the kitchen celebrating.  “I thought I told you I didn’t want any fancy celebrations today?  I told you to just go about your day didn’t I?”  Eowyn simply looked at her with a big smile, “I know mom, but I figured if there was a time I shouldn’t listen to you now would be it.  Besides birthdays are supposed to be special and yours should be super-special!”  “Why thank you Wyn” replied Melody as she hugged her daughter, now come help me decide on what to do with my hair.  “Shouldn’t Ana do that?” started Eowyn, “you know I don’t know that much about hair, can I help you pick something to wear instead?”  “Ok, well let’s go then” Melody said with a laugh.   

Back downstairs Darius seemed to be in deep thought when his cell phone vibrated, glancing at the txt message he drifted in thought.  Plotting, planning…  Whatever the message was it definitely caught his attention, and with a mischievous grin he made plans…


  1. Darius is a teenager and prone to experimentation but Elsa...passed out in front of the house? I think she needs an intervention.

  2. This is true, I'm a bit worried for her too. She's been going to clubs and drinking almost every night after work. I think she's using alcohol to try and forget her stress & loneliness. I hope she can come out of it before something serious happens.

  3. My little Elsa

    I'm worried

    and Anastasia.... I don't like how she still picks on her sisters

  4. Ana is very mean - Darius very naughty = Elsa I think is getting a drinking problem and Tattiel is too cute - but its all making an addictive story!! Great chapter Tai!!

  5. Oh yes, lots going on! Glad you like it. :D


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