Growing, growing, grown.

Six months have passed since Elsa’s flight to Al simhara.  Many days have come and gone, nights of passion, love, sorrow, regret & pain.  Yet even now, life goes on.  Youseff accepted her proposal and the two are happily married.  Back in Bridgeport Tattiel still spends much of his time with Hannah, if he’s not painting something on his easel he’s hanging out with her.  Darius still continues his bad habits with Elspeth, though not as often.  The two are still together most of the time and are always up to mischief.  Anastasia still gives Eowyn and Autumn a very hard time and still bullies them constantly, despite her conversation with Elsa.  Eowyn still defends Autumn as best she can and the two get along quite well.  Autumn not only gets along well with Eowyn, but with her brothers as well.  These six months have been full of ups and downs, but she had been away long enough.  Elsa was returning home.

Elsa let out a long sigh as she entered the taxi with her husband Youseff, “are you going to be alright?” he asked, slight concern on his face.  “They have already forgiven you for not inviting them to the wedding, and I know they miss you very much.”  “That’s not it” replied Elsa, “it’s just been so long, I’m grateful the real estate agent managed to find us a house within our budget.  I know we live across the city from them, but it’s a nice house that I’m sure we’ll grow into just fine.”  The taxi soon pulled in front of a quaint little home and the two walked hand in hand towards the front door.

Later that night Eowyn had yet another fight with Anastasia, things had not settled down at all between the two and seemed to get worse whenever she stood up for Autumn.  She soon found herself outside in Melody’s garden.  Before she knew it, without even thinking she found herself watering the plants, weeding them and tending to the garden as if it was her own.  “This is nice” sighed Eowyn, “I think I understand why mom is out here so much.”

“You’re so bad!  I can’t believe you talked your brother into letting me sleep in his bed!  Though we were in your bed the whole night, teehee!” Giggled Elspeth, “your parents would kill us if they knew what we were doing all night, and thanks to you I rarely got any sleep!”  “I think he knew what we were up to” said Darius, he probably just didn’t want to hear us, besides, he probably spent the night on his phone talking to Hannah.  Those two need to just go steady, I don’t know why they beat around the bush.” 

Just then she grabbed his hands and held them firmly, “speaking of beating around the bush” Elspeth started, I broke up with Lil’, I’m done beating around the bush.  She completely lost it once she found out that you & I were sleeping together, you should’ve seen the look on her face!  Haha!  Still I th-”  Her words cut off as Darius pressed his lips to hers, their conversation halted, placed on hold by long slow kisses.  “Well, ahem” as Elspeth cleared her throat, “let’s get dressed and grab some breakfast.  Everyone will be waking up soon and I wouldn’t want them to catch us, last thing we need is for you to get grounded again.”

Meanwhile downtown at the bistro Tattiel had just finished enjoying breakfast with Hannah.  “So like as was saying last night” Tattiel started, “you know I like you and…  well…  Would you?  You know...”  He began to fidget around, Hannah knew he was the shy type so it was obvious he was pushing himself to say it.  “Yes” she interrupted, “I will go out with you.”  Before he could even respond, she kissed him. 

Back at home Elspeth and Darius had finished breakfast as well, Darius pulled her aside into the hallway.  “Elspeth, babe, you already know I’m crazy about you.  I can’t see myself with anyone but you, to be honest I don’t think anyone else knows how to have fun like we do.  Will you be my girl?”  “Well about that,” she started, “never mind, don’t worry about that.  Yeah, I’ll be your girl.  Just don’t screw up, got it?”  “Oh I got it” he replied, as they sealed their commitment with a kiss.

As the day went on Melody enjoyed a brisk run at the gym, upon Elsa’s return she became her personal physician.  Encouraging her mother to keep exercising in order to stay as healthy as possible. 

Autumn spent many of her evenings in her bedroom, either enjoying a book or studying.  This also helped her avoid running into Anastasia, she had been in a bad mood ever since she saw her school photo and realized she had worn the wrong lipstick. 

Eowyn had decided to prepare mac & cheese for dinner, even though she knew it wasn’t as nice as her mothers dinners she still wanted to help out as much as possible around the house. 

A couple days later Melody was in her garden in deep thought.  “They’ve grown up” she thought to herself.  “First my Elsa and now the boys, today they are legal adults.  Time goes by so quickly…”  She continued to ponder her thoughts as she finished her gardening for the day.

Only a select few were invited to the party, but the first to arrive was Elsa.  Everyone’s eyes widened as she approached dressed in a very relaxed manner, she had obviously gained weight and she smiled, knowing the reason for their shock.  “Mom” she started as she approached rubbing her belly, “are you ready to be a grandparent?”  “Elsa!?” Melody shouted in shock, tears forming as she hugged her daughter tightly.  “How far along are you?” she said, looking over Elsa from head to toe, “I’m still in my first trimester mom” she stated.  As the party started the whole house was full of laughs and constant touching of Elsa’s belly.  Even Tattiel couldn’t help but talk to the unborn child and press his ear against her belly, as if expecting a response.

Finally the time had come and the boys blew out their candles, their first moments of adulthood had begun.

That night Eowyn was up late studying for her midterms, though school was the last thing on her mind.  She and Jupiter had grown quite close, and even though they were still only friends she knew her heart considered him to be much more than that;  And he was well aware of it.

Downstairs Kai was sending Autumn to bed, “thanks for your help with the dishes sweety, as usual you are my favorite helper.  Be sure to get plenty of sleep for school tomorrow.”  “Thx dad, I love you, but next time you have a party don’t come dressed in your work uniform.”  Kai laughed a bit, “you’re too smart for your own good you know that?” he said as he hugged her tightly, “now go to bed, I love you.”  “I will in a little while she said with a big smile, I already took my medicine so I’ll be going to sleep soon anyway; but I want to see sister Elsa, where is she?”  “She’s out back” replied Kai, “but as soon as you’re done talking to her it’s straight to bed.”

Autumn spent the next few minutes chatting with Elsa as she prepared to head home.  “I miss you Elsa, I know you have stuff to do but why don’t you move closer to us?”  “Hey, you may be smart, but there are some things that are not so easy” Elsa explained, “besides, I like my house, and if you ever want to see me the subway will take you straight to me.”  “I love you too Autumn, you know I missed you.  If you ever want to see us and the baby you are more than welcome to.  Now get to bed, I know you took your medicine and your eyes look heavy and puffy.  Get some rest.”  She hugged her goodnight and headed home.

Meanwhile Darius was headed to Aquarius, word had gotten around that Darius was indeed a great baseball player and was considering playing for the Llamas on a professional level.  Paparazzi and fellow sims had noticed him and he embraced the fame.  After getting off the elevator he even stopped to pose for a photo by an elder sim.  He enjoyed a few drinks and conversed with the mixologist the rest of the night.

A few days later Darius had a date set with Hannah, though he wanted to make a few touches on his latest work before heading out.

Eowyn had invited Jupiter over to hang out as usual, and was out in the backyard enjoying a lively conversation.

Darius was also out on a date with Elspeth, as they headed into the elevator to enjoy a few drinks Darius brushed his fingers across her shoulders, making his way toward her neck.  “Here?” Elspeth whispered, “are you crazy?”  “Only about you” he replied as he leaned to unbuckle her pants, “no!” she whispered sharply, opening the elevator doors and sent Darius to the floor, squarely on his tail-end.  “What’s up babe?”  It’s not the first time we’ve messed around in an elevator!  You didn’t have a problem with it that week before graduation!”  “I know” she replied, “but we can’t do that anymore!”

As the day progressed Jupiter and Eowyn enjoyed dinner and found themselves outside again.  They helplessly gazed into each others eyes, Eowyn could feel her heart beating quickly, as if it was ready to burst.  “That’s it” she thought, “I can’t just be his best friend, I want, no, I need to be more than that.”  “Wyn?” started Jupiter, “you ok?”  He had apparently been speaking to her and she was completely lost in thought.  “Oh, yeah!  Sorry about that” replied Eowyn, “but Jupiter you know that I…  Well you know.”  We’ve already kissed a few times and well…”  “Wyn,” interrupted Jupiter, “we’ve been friends since we were kids, I don’t know when I fell for you or how it happened.  But I want you to be my girl.”  She could feel her cheeks blush at his words, though hearing them was all she could ever want.  “Yes,” whispered Eowyn, “I’ll be your girl.”  They shared kisses and found themselves lost in each others eyes, their faces mere inches from each other.

As night set in Tattiel and Hannah had finished enjoying more than a few drinks, they headed down the elevator to go enjoy a dessert at the bistro.  As the doors opened Tattiel placed his hand seductively on Hannah’s shoulder.  “Wait” he started, “I think we should let those doors close for a bit.” Hannah stared at him for a moment, feeling his hands explore her body, her eyes wandered while her mind tried to sort out reason.  As the doors closed they she found herself pressed against the elevator walls as they initiated passionate love, rough, nearly desperate love for one another.  After they had both been satisfied they headed towards to the bistro for a different type of “dessert”.  Though he tried his best to contain it, Tattiel had a bigger smile than normal for the rest of the day.

As Anastasia and Eowyn awoke and headed out of their room to go downstairs for breakfast they were both halted by the overpowering scent that filled their noses.  “What in the world Darius!? Protested Eowyn, “you seriously reek of Alcohol!”  “That’s not all he reeks of,” added Anastasia, “have you no shame?  Morals?  Something?  You totally smell like old sex, you could’ve at least showered after!”  Darius ignored his sisters comments and headed for bed.

After school Eowyn and Autumn enjoyed some cake, as Eowyn began her homework she began to wonder.  “Have you heard if Elsa has delivered the baby yet?” she asked Autumn, hoping she had heard something from Melody.  “Not yet” she replied, “mom said it was another false alarm.  She said Elsa has a contraction every once in a while but not enough to have the baby.”

That evening Darius visited Elspeth’s for dinner, as he entered the house he heard excited whispers and looked up to see Elspeth’s friend and housemate head up the stairs.  One thing was for sure, B-list celebrity or not, he definitely had one sims approval for their pairing. 

As the night progressed and they prepared for bed Elspeth had a discussion with Darius.  “Wait, before bed we need to talk” she started, “you know I love you and I know you love me.  And it’s not like I don’t want to have fun with you, but we can’t continue to be wild and careless!  I’m concerned Darius, I know we were pretty wild in school but we’ve graduated, we have responsibilities and we can’t just ignore that.”  Darius simply nodded, his attention focused on her words, he was a lot of things, but when Elspeth had something important to say, he always listened.  “I’m applying for the internship at the science facility” she continued, “ I hope you have goals as well, I don’t mean to ruin the mood, but I just needed to make myself clear.”  “Crystal clear” Darius responded, “but you didn’t ruin the mood” he added as his hands slid into her pants, unzipping them as the rest of their clothes followed soon after…

As Tattiel finished his latest work he heard a small commotion in the living room.  Autumn would be starting high school tomorrow, but she didn’t want a party, she stated that if her mom didn’t have a party she didn’t want one either.  Still, the commotion in the living room baffled him. 

“Have a seat” said Kai to Autumn, “I heard this movie was nominated for an award so I was hoping you would enjoy it with me.”  As she sat down she could hear someone in the kitchen, “you too” stated Kai, raising his voice to the person in the kitchen.  Autumn heard a familiar sigh and she turned to see Anastasia taking a seat in the chair next to the couch.  She was obviously in a bad mood.  “Oh boy,” Kai thought to himself, “I was hoping to ease the tension with a movie.”  “There’s room on the couch Ana, come join us, we won’t bite.”  “But I do” Replied Anastasia, as she gave a cold glare to Autumn.  “I’m going to go get changed” sighed Autumn as she stood up, I need to get ready for school tomorrow anyway.”

As the house settled into the calm quiet of night, Melody returned home from what was her final concert.  She let out a long sigh, “it was a good one” she thought to herself, “but I think it’s time I passed the baton to the next generation of artists.”  She called her agent and made the final decision.  “Now I can focus on my family” she thought, “and I know just the thing to stop this bickering between those three daughters of mine…”

Until next chapter…


  1. Everyone is growing up so nicely--well, except for Ana, I guess niceness would not suit her! I am very old-fashioned and it warms my heart when they ask "do you want to be my girl?"

  2. i can't wait for the day the girls rise against Ana and give her a butt whooping :P

  3. @Seaweedy - All sims have their own personality, I just followed their lead. :)

    @Mally - She's certainly asking for it! I've already played far beyond and have all of the photos and material, I just need to focus and write.

  4. aaawww so much cuteness - well all except for Anastasia and im with Mally - I hope what goes around comes around and kicks her on her but!!!! Even Darius has pleasantly surprised me!! Awsome chapter again :)

    1. Oh there's always karma that's for sure. Darius is still pretty wild when he wants to be, but when Elspeth draws the line, he doesn't cross it. :)


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