A few weeks have passed and the house is still on edge.  The girls still don’t get along, Elsa goes out to drink at the club almost every day and Darius still feeds his “habits.”  Things are a little cheerful now however because Anastasia & Eowyn’s birthday has arrived.

Melody spent the day playing with Autumn, she had gotten much better and has not had as many of the “attacks” that Melody feared.  Elsa had thoroughly examined Autumn and after a while decided to take her to the hospital for further testing.  She reassured her mother that she just wanted to be thorough, but the worried look on Melody’s face convinced Elsa that she was coming with her, period.  “You’re not going to believe this mom, but before I say anything please know that she is most likely fine.  Better than fine, she’s most likely just advanced.”  “What do you mean most likely?”  Asked Melody, “well mom we’ve discovered that it’s one of two possibilities.  Either A she’s developing a mental disorder that may impair her for the rest of her life, or B she’s frustrated.  Not frustrated as in stressed, she’s a toddler she has nothing to stress about!  Haha.” 

Elsa’s laugh was cut short by the very serious expression on her mothers face.  “How is that good news!?” She shouted, “You’re telling me my baby will either have a mental disorder or she’s just frustrated!?”  “Mom, please calm down and let me finish.  I apologize for laughing, I will explain.  There is a 10% chance that it’s a mental disorder, but I believe the actual percentage is much lower than that.  What I meant by frustrated is that she’s getting agitated at herself.  She’s trying to figure things out much faster than she should be able to and she’s getting irritated at herself for not being able to.  To put it plainly she’s behaving much smarter than she should be!  In terms of logic and rationality she’s way ahead of herself!”  Melody stood silent for a moment, “in short mom, what I’m saying is that Autumn is just fine, but she’s much smarter than a normal child her age.  Challenge her mentally, even now.  Help calm her when she gets frustrated, but chances are she’s going to be highly intelligent, higher than I can even assume.  Just avoid letting her attacks linger or excessive stress.  Or the side-effects really could damage her right frontal lobe.”

Melody let out a long sigh before smiling, “thank you Elsa.”  She left and returned home, playing with Autumn.  “So you’re just too smart for your own good!” She said to the toddler as she played. 

Meanwhile in downtown Bridgeport Tattiel was hanging out with Peyton again.  “So how is it?” he asked, “it’s alright I guess” she replied “it feels weird being out of high school but now I actually have to think about life.  I’m thinking of starting a band.”  Elsa was right when she assumed that Tattiel & Peyton would never be a couple due to their age gap, but they were still close friends.

The faint sound of shouting could be heard from upstairs and it seemed that even though it was their birthday, the girls were at it again.  “I didn’t know!” yelled Eowyn, “how was I supposed to know it was your hairbrush?  We both have blonde hair!”  “You knew it was mine!” yelled Anastasia furiously, “you know mine was the cleaner one!  You just wanted to put your dirty hands all over it!  I can’t stand you!  Why am I stuck with you?  Why couldn’t Deidre be my sister?  Ugh!”  Eowyn’s eyes began to tear up from the remark, but before she could find any words in response Anastasia had picked up the brush and threw it at her, striking her on the shoulder.  “Don’t throw things at me!  I’ll” “You what!?” Anastasia intruded, “you’ll tell mom?  You won’t tell her anything!”  “Yes I wi-” before she could finish Anastasia looked as if she was ready to pounce on her at any moment.  “Fine,” concluded Eowyn as she backed away slowly, “just leave me alone.”  “Fine by me!” agreed Anastasia as she headed downstairs.

Meanwhile downstairs Elsa was preparing a quick grilled cheese sandwich before the girls party started.  She was humming one of the Egyptian songs she had learned when she noticed someone enter the kitchen.  It was one of Kai’s friends, William.  Elsa felt her knees weaken as he walked across the dining room.  She simply sighed, she knew he was there to discuss politics with Kai, but she couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was…

Finally the time had come and Melody placed two birthday cakes she had picked up from the bakery on the table.  After singing happy birthday twice in a row everyone cheered and celebrated.

At this time she looked and told Eowyn to go get changed, she didn’t need to tell Anastasia, for she had already bolted up the stairs to do just that.



As they both returned downstairs to grab a bite to eat Eowyn asked Tattiel “so are you going to tell us who we shouldn’t make out with or do we need to find out on our own?”  Shocked and caught off guard he had no reply and began to choke on his food.  “Oooo nice question Wyn!” Replied Anastasia, “I didn’t know you had it in you!  Well Tattiel tell us, are there any cute boys in your classes?”  “I…  Wasn’t serious Ana!” Shouted Eowyn as she began to blush.  “He knows I was just messing with him, that’s the last thing I would think about!”  Anastasia sighed and glanced at her, “you let me down Wyn, you really are just worthless.”

The next day was their first day of high school and both girls were excited for their own reasons.  While Eowyn sat with Tattiel Anastasia sat alone as far away from them as she could.  Darius was no where to be found, most likely ditching class with Elspeth.  “This is so exciting!” thought Eowyn, “I hope the teachers are nice, I hope I have a cool band teacher!”  “Ignore her” thought Anastasia, “Just don’t associate with them and find out who the key popular classmates are, this should be easy.”

That night Melody shook her head in disbelief and thought to herself, “I can’t believe this.  Why don’t they get along at all?  The boys rarely fought, and even Kai told me stories about how Mai and Fei were pretty much inseparable…”  She glanced up at her plate to see Anastasia sit down and begin her homework.  She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see Eowyn who was also heading for the table with her homework.  But after seeing Ana sit down she turned and sat on the floor to begin her homework.  They spent the rest of the night in silence, with only the sound of pencils on paper filling the emptiness.

Meanwhile Melody still wondered in the back of her mind, “where is Darius?  He’s been gone all day and it’s getting late…”  “Two AMF’s please” Darius requested, the two had been out and about all day and now found themselves at Waylon’s Haunt. 

A few minutes later he had his drinks and handed one to Elspeth, “I told you they would work!” she whispered in excitement.  “No one can tell they’re fakes, they just glance at ID’s anyway, they don’t really pay attention to them.”

Darius took a few sips from his drink, “well that’s good to know!  I was tired of trying to sneak booze out of the house, I didn’t want them to start getting suspicious.  Good thing my big sister drinks a lot, they probably think it’s her.  Heh.”  “Mmmm, you’re so smart Darius, and you know how to have fun.  That’s why I like you, Lil’ has been such a pain lately, I’m thinking of breaking up with her.”  “Why don’t you?” Darius teased as he pulled her closer.  “Oh?  And what would you do if I did?” asked Elspeth with a sinister grin as they held each other.  “I could show you if you’d like, let’s head outside and go around the back.” 

As they stepped outside a police officer was making her nightly rounds.  “Crap” they both whispered and tried to sneak off, “hold it!” shouted the officer.  “Can I see some ID please?”  As the officer glanced over them she simply stared at Darius, “come with me please, young lady, my partner will be escorting you home as well.  I suggest you stay in that spot till he gets here.”

“Please be mom, please be mom, please be mom.” Darius chanted to himself as they pulled into the driveway.  There on the sidewalk stood Kai, “crap… I am so screwed…” 

“And what were you thinking!?” Shouted Kai, “your motorcycle keys are mine, you take the bus to school, you take the bus home and you will go nowhere else until I say so.  Period.”  “But-but-but” stuttered Darius as he searched for words.  Until Kai glared at him as if he were ready to knock him down any moment, “ok dad, got it.” Darius concluded as he slouched and headed upstairs.

A few days later Autumn started school, Melody was almost more excited than Autumn was!  Elsa was right, she was indeed smart, very smart.  Every once in a while she will become very irritable but it was obvious that she was indeed frustrated with herself.  That morning as she prepared for her first day of school Autumn could hear the shouting coming from her sisters bedroom.

“Good morning slob, you’re looking especially dirty today!  What’s the occasion?” Joked Anastasia, “whatever Ana” sighed Eowyn.  “It’s too early to hear your crap” shutting the door before Anastasia could respond.

Furious from her sisters smart-arse response Anastasia stormed into the bathroom only to find Autumn gasp in shock as she was getting out of the bathtub.  As she scurried to get her clothes on Anastasia just rolled her eyes.  “You too?  Ugh, move it brat!  You’re in my way!  Can’t you tell I need to use this bathroom?  I still need to finish my makeup!”  “I-I-I’m sorry” Autumn stuttered, “I was finishing my ba-”  “I don’t care!” interrupted Anastasia, “just move it!  I’m already in a bad mood today and I don’t need crap from you too.  What, you think you’re so smart?  Just because you’re all brainy doesn’t mean your better than us!”  “But I never said-”  “Are you still here!? Interrupted Anastasia again, just move!”  “O-o-ok!” Autumn stuttered again, “I’m leaving!  Just d-d-don’t hit me or anything.”

“Ugh, you’re worse than Wyn, but at least you’re smart enough to respond instead of mouthing off like her.  You have potential Autumn, if you would just do what I tell you I could teach you how to be one of the most popular kids in your class.”  Anastasia stood looking rather proud of herself after that remark.  So much so that she didn’t even realize that Autumn left without responding.

As she headed downstairs Autumn was tempted to wake Elsa and ask if it was better to be smart or popular, but she was too embarrassed and hurt from being walked in on and yelled at by Anastasia.  She headed downstairs for breakfast instead.

As she headed downstairs she noticed Tattiel was in the study, again.  He always spent his time there whenever he wasn’t talking to his friend Hannah.  “He’s always painting and no one ever bothers him” she thought to herself.  “Maybe I should paint too?”

A few hours later after she had showered and enjoyed breakfast Elsa picked up her cell and called William.  She had managed to get his number during the party and decided she wanted to give it a shot.  “Might as well call him” she thought “I’m tired of just getting butterflies, I need to do this.”  She called and arranged to meet downtown.

She went upstairs and gussy’d up a little before heading to their destination.  She found herself arriving 10 minutes early and waited for about 15 minutes.  As she heard footsteps approach her from behind she stated “you’re late.”  “Sorry about that” William replied, “I was stuck in traffic.”  As the two began to chat Elsa found they actually had much to talk about.  Especially in regards to the bar food, before she knew it the two of them were laughing and enjoying a lively conversation.

Meanwhile, back at the house Eowyn had just stepped off of the bus from school and was lost in thought.  “I wonder” she thought, “should I get a part-time job?  I could use the extra spending money, but it would also mean less time to hang out and study…  Hmmm…”

Little did she know, she didn’t even hear the soft footsteps slowly creeping up behind her…

“Graaaaa!!!” screeched Anastasia, “Aaahhhh!!!” Eowyn let out a shriek, clutching her chest gasping for breath.

Anastasia began laughing hysterically, “oh that was rich!” she started, “NOT funny Ana” Eowyn started.  “Oh?  What’s the matter?  Baby gonna cry now?  You want me to go tell mom that I scared you?  Or are you just going to give me the usual whatever and leave again?  Look at you, don’t look so gloomy, are you about to cry?  Oh wow, so what, you’re 8 years old now?  Ha!  I swear you’re worthless, no, not even that, you’re pathetic AND worthless!  Hahaha!”  Eowyn couldn’t even think of what to say, before she could get a word out Anastasia just interrupted her with another insult, nothing she did mattered and as angry as she was she knew she couldn’t just hit her.  She was her sister, no matter how much she treated her like dirt she couldn’t, wouldn’t do such a thing.

“Oh?  Going for the silent treatment then?  Is that your latest idea?  You want to be a mime now?  Ha!  Don’t make me laugh, is that your new aspiration?  I think that’s a few steps backwards isn’t it?  I thought you wanted to be a princess?  Then it was a astronaut, and just last week you wanted to be psychologist!  So now it’s a mime?  What’s up Wyn, you don’t have anything to say for yourself?  Ugh, you’re so boring.  And lose the pigtails, you’ve been doing that with your hair since we were kids, seriously.  You’ll never get a boyfriend at this rate…  Oh come on Wyn, I know you have something better to do than just stand there and stare at me all silent and creepy like that. 

At least Autumn defends herself, you’re just a sack of meat that st-”  “What!?” Shrieked Eowyn, “what did you do!?  What did you say to Autumn!?”  She clenched her fists and glared at Anastasia, “I don’t know what your problem is with us but we’re your sisters!  I can take your crap but you had better leave Autumn alone!  She’s just a kid and she hasn’t done anything to you either!  You know about her condition!  You know she stutters a lot especially when she’s nervous and she has to take medication to ease her symptoms!  You know excessive stress and trauma can have serious negative effects on her condition!  You leave her alone!!!  She is the nicest, sweetest kid and she loves us!  We are her big sisters and we’re supposed to love and protect her!  NOT bully her!  I swear if you do anything to her I will MAKE you regret it!

Eowyn stormed off before Anastasia could even think of a word, she had to leave, she was too angry to think.  “How could she!?  Why!?” she thought to herself, tears of frustration building up in her eyes.  She found herself under a tree in the backyard when she heard someone approaching.  Just as she looked over her shoulder she heard Melody, “Wyn, what’s the matter?”  “Nothing mom, I’m fine” she responded, her voice cracking as if she would start crying any moment.  “Wyn, I heard you arguing with Ana, I didn’t catch the whole thing, but I did hear the part where she was mocking your ambition.  Listen Wyn, you are my baby girl just as they are.  You are smart, beautiful and full of energy.  You remind me a lot of myself when I was your age, and you have a beautiful personality. 

Even though she gives you a hard time Anastasia is still your sister and I’m sure deep down she actually cares a lot about you.  You just need to stay true to yourself and reach for whatever dream you may have.  I will speak to Ana later about her behavior, but I want to show you something first.”  Melody grabbed Eowyn’s hand and led her around the other side of the back yard when Eown noticed a drum set.  It was glossy black and obviously brand new. 

“This is for you Wyn, I know you enjoy it outside and I’ve seen you drumming with your pencils when you should be studying” she said with a wink.  “That’s…  for me?” Eowyn whispered, but-” “no buts” interrupted Melody, “you have never really asked me or your father for anything, you’ve always just been off in your own world.  I figured this would be a great way for you to spend all that energy of yours, it’ll also be a great stress relief for you.  I’ll tell you what, I’ll go grab my guitar and we’ll have our own little jam session right now!”  “Really!?” asked Eowyn, her eyes growing large with excitement, “now that’s the face I’m used to seeing!  Cheered Melody, you look much more like the Wyn I know when you’re smiling.”  “Thanks mom, really…  Thank you.”  Melody hugged her tightly and held her for a moment, she could feel Eowyn was shaking when she grabbed her hand earlier, and now her body was calm.  “Anytime sweetie, if you ever need to talk to me about anything, I’m here for you.”

Meanwhile over at the Bridgeport Sports Zone Elsa had called off of work and walked up to the bar.  She intended to go to work but found herself calling William to meet her here.  “What am I doing?” she asked herself, “I have patients I need to see and here I am at a bar waiting for a guy in my scrubs!”

As Melody strummed her guitar Elsa began to tap the drums, “where, I mean, how do I?”  Eowyn started, “just go with your feelings” started Melody, “I know you’ve never played them before, so just go with what you feel and go from there.  They played late into the night and the longer she played the better Eowyn felt.  She was getting better as her mother said, and even more importantly, she was having fun.

Inside however Autumn sat slouched at the kitchen table.  “I can’t figure this out, what am I supposed to do?”  Seeing his sister’s depressed expression Tattiel walked toward her, “hey little leaf, what’s up?”  “I can’t figure out my homework” Autumn replied, “some of these problems are harder than I thought.”  “Well that’s easy to fix, come on, I’ll help.  Just because you’re in an accelerated school doesn’t mean you have to do it alone, just ask one of us to help if you can’t figure something out.  I’ll be more than happy to help you out.” He said with a smile.  The two sat on the floor discussing homework and Tattiel asked Autumn to go help him name his latest painting as a payment for his help.  The two laughed and joked the remainder of the night.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Darius stood in deep thought once again.  “They probably didn’t even realize I snuck off…  They really need to learn to hide my keys better than that.”  He stared at the stars in the sky and listened to the sound of the ocean, feeling the cool breeze on his face as he pondered.  “Is this what love is like?  I wonder…  Elspeth…” 


  1. Anastasia is a piece of work! I like the idea of Darius and Elspeth falling in love, it takes the edge of them. Elsa seems to be spinning farther out of control. Great update!

  2. Thx! Ana is definitely a character, never a dull moment when she's around.

  3. Arghhhh! I can't stand Anastasia, especially now that's she's starting in on Autumn who is half her size. I think she should get some kind of really nasty comeuppance! Definitely a sociopath. Anyone who abuses kids or animals, blechhh. Meanwhile, William is cute but does he really want to get involved with a dipsomaniac doctor (which the thought of that is scary in and of itself lol)

    I hope things get better soon for Eowyn--like her twin falling over a cliff. :D Or maybe her parents actually catch her being hateful and send her off somewhere restrictive.

    1. Good to hear from you! Anastasia is definitely a hateful person. Eowyn's pretty good with putting up with her crap but she's very protective of Autumn. Elsa definitely has issues with the alcohol, and William may or may not be a good idea. Only time will tell. ;)

  4. I hope anastasia never has any kids - she will traumatise them with just the faces that she pulls and I really hate that she is picking on poor little Autumn!!!! I love Eowyn and Tattiel. Darius is a bad boy and I like bad boys :) I think before long he is going to land himself in big trouble!!
    Awesome chapter!!

  5. Thanks! Eowyn isn't very happy about her sister picking on Autumn either! Darius is definitely not the poster child that's for sure. Thank you for reading!


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