While Eowyn enjoyed a jam session with Melody, Darius sneaked out of the house to ponder on many things, primarily his best friend Elspeth. While this was all transpiring however Elsa was out on her first date with William. The two were at a quaint little bar enjoying some drinks.

The two didn't have much to talk about, it seemed William was not capable of holding an intellectual conversation. Though once their drinks began to take effect the two seemed to drift much closer...

His touch was soft and gentle as she felt his hand graze her arm. “So warm” thought Elsa, gazing into his eyes as if intoxicated on his gaze. Just as she was about to lose herself in his stare William held her hands and began laughing. “Why are you staring at me like that?” he asked, but before Elsa could even answer he stepped closer, much closer... “Will you go steady with me?” William asked with an almost determined tone. Elsa, shocked at this sudden question out of nowhere, thought for a brief moment. “He is cute...” she thought, “I do want to go steady with him, but he seems a little eager...” Feeling warm from the drinks and staring into his eyes she agreed. “Sure, let's go steady.”

The following morning Autumn slept soundly, her medication's side effect was drowsiness. Since she is supposed to take it each night before bed as prescribed by her doctor and older sister Elsa, she rarely encountered a bad nights sleep. So much so that she couldn't hear her sisters in their room.

“At it again Wyn?” teased Anastasia, “you really are a nerdy one when it comes to your homework. You going to review it again before you go to school like a little teachers pet?” “Yup” replied Eowyn with a big smile, remembering Melody's words yesterday. “I saw you in the hallway after class flirting with that boy with the mowhawk, don't you know that only losers date their best friends?” Eowyn simply ignored Anastasia's words, heading downstairs to check her homework and grab some breakfast.

“So what if we're best friends?” thought Eowyn as she headed to school, “is it so wrong to like him as more than a friend? He likes me and I like him, that's all that matters.” she thought to herself, “ugh, why do I even care what Ana thinks?”

That evening Melody was in deep thought, “I'm not exactly a young sim anymore, guess it's time to go ahead and do one last concert...” She made the call with her boss and let her know, she would do one last concert, after that, retirement.

Just upstairs Tattiel was on the phone with Hannah again, “you should come over, I want to hang out for a bit.” After she agreed he headed downstairs to brush is teeth. Just as he looked outside and saw her approaching the door he thought for a moment. “Wait, what if she says no? What if she hates me? What if... what if.. what if.. Ahh!” After calming himself for a moment, he went to greet her.

“Just ignore him, my brother's weird” joked Anastasia as she hung out with her best friend Deidre, “now as I was saying, he was soooo cute! He totally wants to go out with me, and I was like no way I saw you checking out that cheerleader. So then her was like nuh-uh, and I was like wow, nice grammar.” The two continued on about boys the rest of the night.

Meanwhile outside Tattiel and Hannah were enjoying a lively conversation about what they wanted to do after high school. “I want to be a painter” commented Tattiel, “but from a logical standpoint it isn't very consistent as far as finances are concerned. “True” replied Hannah, “but you would have much more time for other things,” she continued as she grabbed and held his hands. Their eyes meeting and gazing, both their hearts beating faster by the moment.

“Why so far away babe?” asked William, Elsa simply didn't respond, obviously deep in thought. “Hmm...” she sounded, “why you ask? Let me think, you've shown absolutely no affection since last night, you refuse to look me in the eye, you only want to get close to me when the paparazzi are around, where do I start!? You seem to look for any and every camera when you are with me, just to pull me close and pose for a photo! I'm not an idiot William, I know full well you're only interested in me because of my status! If I didn't have paparazzi following me around and weren't considered a celebrity you wouldn't want anything to do with me!”

“That's not true babe!” Responded William in protest, “I love you!” “Oh give me a break!” Countered Elsa, “you've barely tried to get to know me! Your gaze is always on the press and paparazzi instead of me, and we've only been dating for a day! No, this isn't going to work, we are done!” “But-” Elsa simply glared at him, furious, “not another word” she said coldly. “Don't call me again, period.” After a cold stare in disgust she left for home. “That's it” she thought, “I'm done with this, everyone here is the same. All they care about is fame & fortune, money, cameras, and glamor.” Elsa let out a long sigh and longed for that place, the one place where she felt the most free. Where she could be herself without concern for status, where she could be the most help. “I guess that settles it then” she thought to herself, “I better make plans and say my goodbyes...”

Back at home Kai called the boys into the kitchen, “well? Have you two figured out what you intend to pursue once you graduate? You're juniors in high school, you don't have much time left.” “Yeah dad,” replied Tattiel, “I know I can't make a stable living just selling my art, even if I was successful. So I'm going to pursue a career in design, it will still let me express my art, but it will be implicated in a business so it will be much more stable from a financial standpoint.” “Darius?” asked Kai as he enjoyed a bit of food, “ummm... I still think sports is a consistent profession dad, I'm going to stick to it.”

“Very well, my decision is made then” a pause of silence as he took another bite. “Tattiel, I am accepting you as the heir to this household. You know what that means as I have spoken with you both about the responsibilities of that title and what is expected of you. Darius, you are free to follow whatever career you wish, but remember what you were taught.” They finished their dinner in silence, with only the sound of drums from just outside in the backyard. Kai smiled as they ate, “seems your sister is out there practicing again, I only hope you two are just as determined when you find your passion.”

A few hours later she was ready, the itinerary was prepared and the flight was scheduled. “I miss it so much” thought Elsa, “the warmth of the sand, the feel of the sun, and Youseff...” She finished packing her last few odds and ends and headed down the hall, “time to say goodbye...”

“You better take care of everyone Tattiel, I heard dad made you the heir. I'm going to be keeping an eye on you so don't slack off! Keep working on your art, do what you love, that alone will lead you to happiness.” “You too sis, how long this time? When will you be coming back?” Elsa paused for a moment and brushed his cheek, “I don't know yet, maybe a week, a month, I don't know. I might not be coming back, but don't worry about me, I'll be keeping tabs on you.”

Next she went into Eowyn and Anastasia's room, “It's all yours” she said as she approached Eowyn. “Take care of Autumn, I'm counting on you.” “No prob! So you gonna bring me a souvenir this time?” “I... Might not be coming back anytime soon, if at all...” She stared at Eown in shock as her little sister only looked up at her smiling. “What?” asked Elsa, confused. “This is the first time you've looked so happy in months, so I'm happy for you. Just be sure to have fun, you don't have to drink to enjoy yourself. I'll look after Autumn don't worry, I'll make sure she keeps taking her medication too.”

Relieved, Elsa knew Eowyn would look after Autumn, she already made preparations for Autumn's medication to be mailed in intervals so they wouldn't run out. “Oh? What's this?” asked Anastasia with a smirk, “checking in on us in the middle of the night? No, no... So where are you going Elsa? Your boyfriends?” Elsa blushed as she gently punched Anastasia on the shoulder in jest, “maybe, what's it to you?” “I'm glad,” responded Ansastasia, “you've seriously looked depressed lately. You look much better now, just wish you would take me with you. With you leaving all I have are those two worthless sisters to talk to, which I won't.”

Elsa let out a long sigh and rubbed her eyes a bit, “Ana, we've talked about this countless times. They are your sisters, your flesh and blood, I know deep down that you love them but I really think it's time you start to show it. Mom and dad taught us all how important family is-” “I know I know” interrupted Anastasia, “but you're the only one with a functioning brain. Those two don't have any self-respect, our parents are great people, our grandparents were great people, but these two don't seem to take life seriously. You heard the stories we were told growing up, grandpa was a top notch ghost hunter, he was even given the key to the city of Twinbrook! Grandma was a great sculpture, she made sculptures that were worth thousands!

Then there's our parents, mom is a lead guitarist for one of the greatest bands of the decade! Dad is literally the leader of the free world! I intend to follow in their footsteps and reach for greatness, I'm going to be a top notch actress when I graduate! I refuse to let the Ryuzaki name be dragged through the mud, but our sisters don't care. Wyn changes her mind about what she wants to be just about every day, and Autumn isn't much better! Sure she's smart, but she doesn't have any interest in anything!” “I see your point” replied Elsa, “but that doesn't mean you need to be cruel to them. They are still your sisters.”

As she entered Autumns room Elsa noticed she was not only still awake, but staring at the door as she entered, as if expecting her arrival. “Autumn? Why are you still awake?” “I heard you talking to Tattiel earlier, you're leaving aren't you? … I wanted to say I love you before you left.” Elsa hugged her with a warm smile, “be sure to keep studying hard, you're smart and I'm going to be keeping an eye on you. Oh, and keep taking your medication, it's really important.” “I know” replied Autumn, her eyes heavy with exhaustion, she had already taken her medication and Elsa could tell she was pushing herself just to stay awake. With one last hug she left for the boy's room, “sweet dreams” she whispered as she gently closed Autumn's door.

“Ok Darius, study hard and have fun.” “Ok,” his eyes heavy as his breath carried a slight tint of alcohol. Ignoring his current condition Elsa said her goodbyes.

“Ok dad, I'm off, I've already made all of my preparations and my flight leaves in the morning. Where's mom?” “She's downstairs, I'm assuming you've worked out the arrangements with the hospital?”

Elsa smirked at the question, “come on dad, you know me better than that. Of course I did, work is squared away and I'm all set.”

“As long as this is what you want then I'm happy for you. Just don't forget we're here if you need anything.” With a hug she headed downstairs.

“Mom, I-” before she could even finish her sentence Melody interrupted, “shhhh... I already know honey. You don't need to tell me anything, I knew it was only a matter of time before this day came.” She hugged Elsa tightly for a long time, keeping her close, not allowing her to see the tears stream down her face... “We're here for you Elsa, don't be a stranger, you are still my child, I love you...”

As the sun began to rise Elsa stepped out of the front door and towards the street, “this is it” she thought, “this is going to be my last flight to Al Simhara...”

16 hours later Elsa closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, “ahh... It feels good to be back.” She glanced over the familiar campsite, “now where is he?” she wondered. “If he's still an agent and giving assignments like he used to, then he's probably by the market as usual.”

As she entered the market she just couldn't help but chat with her old acquaintances and reminisce on her previous trips. All of her adventures, how she would receive orders from Youseff and afterward would chat and have fun with him. Laughing and just enjoying life, “he never cared about money or status” she thought, “I was always able to be myself around him.” She began to wonder to herself, “he was single too...”

He began smiling before she could even approach him, “Elsa!” he shouted happily, “welcome back!” As they exchanged greetings Elsa thought to herself, “I'm such an idiot, he's been here all along.” As they conversed she noticed that he was still as attractive as she remembered, he was a bit more scruffy, but she liked that. He hadn't changed a bit since she left, and she could scarcely believe it.

“Youseff” Elsa started, so... are you married? “Of course not” he replied with a sinister smirk, “no one here has my eye except for my desert flower.” “Desert flower” thought Elsa, “he did call me that... How did I not notice?” As she was lost in thought she suddenly realized how close he was, she could smell him, that faint scent of wood & spice... “I... Umm...” She was at a loss for words, scrambling to say something, when he simply wrapped his arms around her. “Yes” she thought, this was all she wanted, to be held, to be loved... His strong arms held her tightly and she felt secure, safe. Then she let the words slip out of her mouth, “don't let go...” Before she could cut-off her words they had slipped past her lips into his ears.

Slightly Embarrassed she scrambled for something, anything to take his mind off those words, when she lost herself. “I give up” she thought, as she closed her eyes and kissed him... His lips were soft, warm, and addicting. In that moment she had given up using logic, and for the first time in her life, followed her heart.

As their lips separated Youseff whispered “does this mean you see me as more than the friend of the past?” Elsa didn't speak, she simply held his hand, kissing him softly. “That depends if you're committed” she replied in jest. “This isn't like the lands overseas” he said with a wink, “we cherish those we care about.” This was music to her ears as she leaped into his arms without warning, those strong arms that would hold her. She hugged him tightly and whispered into his ear, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry I've made you wait so long...”

“So this means I won't have to sleep in a tent right?” commented Elsa in jest as she fluffed her pillow. “Of course, how long will you be here?” questioned Youseff, a slight bit of concern on his face. After a long moment Elsa replied, “as long as possible? I don't intend to go back.” “Oh? Well this is a pleasant surprise” Youseff said with a smile. “It depends...” started Elsa as she called him over, “depends on what?” Curiosity written all over Youseff's face, “I'll tell you in the morning, whispered Elsa as she pressed her lips to his...

As they arose to start their morning, Elsa pressed herself close, “now, about your question?” Youseff laughed a bit, “yes, about what you mentioned last night, depends on what?” As he finished his sentence Elsa reached into her bra that lay on the floor next to the bed and slipped out a small box, she knelt down and opened it. “Depends on your customs in regards to marriage.”

Until next chapter...


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