As the wheels turn, a different departure.

A few months have passed since that day, Melody had been saving $imoleans for this occasion, and she was determined to see the fragments of her family mended. As night set into early morning Darius and Elspeth slept soundly. However, back at the Ryuzaki household someone was stirring, preparing early for their day.

“Stupid alarm clock” Autumn mumbled as she crawled out of bed, she had made a habit of waking up early ever since she began high school. She was taking accelerated courses that intertwined with freshman level college coursework. “better double-check my thesis” she thought to herself as she brushed her teeth. “There's no way I'm going to let my GPA slip, better check my calculus while I'm at it.”

Back at Elspeth's home a strong pang of nausea racked her stomach. “What the he-” Elspeths thoughts were halted as she struggled not to throw up on her floor. “Ugh, must have been the fish & chips from last night, I thought they looked funny.” Her thoughts were interrupted again as she ran for the bathroom.

“I can't believe it” shouted Kai, “to think that politician pulled that kind of scheme!” He and Tattiel were enjoying their morning conversation, the two had made this a habit every morning.

After school Eowyn wasted no time bolting out of the classroom, she had another date with Jupiter and was meeting him for a burger & fries over at Hogan's diner.

After a hearty breakfast Darius left Elspeth's for his daily workout, he may have accepted the fame with open arms, but he was determined to back up his words. He would be trying out for the Llamas soon, and he needed to stay in shape.

Tattiel spent the early afternoon visiting the tattoo parlor, he had thought about it for a while and finally decided to get a tattoo. Though dealing with the pain was an entirely different matter.

As night set in Eowyn was intending to meet Autumn at the park to hang out for a bit, she was waiting around when she noticed Elsa and her family leaving the park. “Elsa!” she shouted, “how have you been?” “everything is great” she responded, though her facial expression suggested that the stress of working in the trauma section was starting to take it's toll on her. “Claire! How are you doing cutie?” Eowyn whispered, reaching for the toddlers hand, Claire leaned against Youseff holding him tightly. “Still?” Eowyn sighed, “she's just tired” commented Elsa. “She won't let anyone else hold her when she's like that, even I have a hard time.” “She's such a daddy's girl” teased Eowyn, kissing her niece on the forehead before they left.

Meanwhile Darius was heading to the bistro for his date with Elspeth, as he arrived he noticed she didn't look very well. “You ok babe?” he asked, genuinely concerned; Elspeth wasn't the type to show weakness, if she wasn't well she refused to show it. Tonight however was different, clearly she was ill and despite her attempts to appear fine it was still obvious. “I'm fine Darius, I just need someth-” Her words cut off as she lunged forward vomiting on the sidewalk. “Elspeth!” Darius shouted as he reached to help her up, “is that stomach acid? You haven't eaten anything today?” Elspeth put her hand out, gesturing him to stop as she tried to stand on her own. “I have eaten, a lot actually, I just can't seem to keep anything down... Perhaps we should cancel for tonight?” “Obviously” commented Darius, “let's get you home, you need rest. I'm staying over tonight whether you like it or not. I'll look after you until you feel better.”

As it began to approach curfew Eowyn decided to head home, “she probably got sidetracked in a book, geez...” She let out a long sigh as she headed home.

The following day after school Melody called her 3 daughters into the kitchen, “what's up mom?” questioned Eowyn, “what's the occasion? You need 6 hands for something?” “Not quite” Melody commented, “but you girls are going on a little trip. You three need some alone time together so I'm sending you on a small vacation so you can all get to know each other better.” “Mom, we LIVE together, I'm pretty sure we know each other” joked Eowyn, “I know, but it's time you three bonded.” “What!?” interrupted Anastasia, no no no, NOT going to happen mom, I know you mean well but-” her words were cut off as Melody looked back over her shoulder at her, with “that” glare. The glare that actually meant close your mouth or else. “You three are going to Shang Sim-La China for a few days,” she picked up her cell and made the arrangements; “I've made reservations at the hot springs for you. Relax and enjoy it! I'm sure you three will have plenty of fun!” Discontent was written all over Anastasia's face, it was clear that she was furious about being stuck with her sisters for 3 full days.

“Now go pack your bags” Melody instructed, “your flight leaves in 4 hours.”

Until next chapter...


  1. I wonder how this trip will turn out. I think I understand why Elspeth is not feeling well...

  2. Elspeths got a baby in the oveeen!

  3. Oh? Both of you are leaning towards pregnancy? Heh, who knows? She easily could have just eaten spoiled food. Guess you'll find out soon enough.

  4. I love that picture of getting the tatoo! That is great XD!
    Vomit on the sidewalk, ech. lol

  5. I think Darius is going to be a Daddie too :) How can you put those two sweet girls on a plane with that monster??!!

  6. It was Melody's idea, and I don't think the "monster" is very happy about it! Lol.


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