Many Birthdays & Cruelty...

  So a few weeks have passed since Elsa's night at the club, she's made it a regular habit and visits throughout the week.  Things around the house all seem to be full of hustle & bustle, and Melody for one has much on her mind.  She would be starting work again soon, the first time in years.  Even though the twins Anastasia and Eowyn would be starting school soon she still wanted to stay home for Autumn.  She already discussed the option of just quitting to become a full-time mom and her husband Kai gladly approved, yet she still couldn't bring her self to do it...

  So as the days to their birthday drew near, Melody spent as much time with the twin girls as possible.  They were getting very heavy and she wouldn't be able to carry them much longer.

  Even as she slept the thought passed her mind to just have one more...  However she knew that both herself as well as her husband were not young sims anymore.  She had already noticed a few grey hairs on her husbands head as well as her own...

  The next morning was yet another busy day for the household, the twins really exhausted Melody so Kai looked after them in the morning.  This also allowed Melody to focus a bit more on Autumn who seemed to need a little more attention...

  This morning in particular seemed a little different though, even though there was nothing wrong and was just fed, Autumn's piercing screams could be heard throughout the house.  Startled by the sudden outburst Melody tended to the infant...

  Today was also Elsa's first day at work since she transferred to Bridgeport, not only was she up early, but she promptly left nearly half an hour earlier than usual.

  While everyone was at work the twins Tattiel and Darius did not attend school today.  The highschool had the day off and the boys were enrolled.  Melody arrived from the store with the cakes before the boys even made it out of bed and called them down once she heard them stirring.  They hadn't lived in the neighborhood long so they didn't know anyone.  So she decided it would just be with family, and with a smile she told Tattiel to blow out the candles first. (Since he was birthed first.)

  Without even needing to be asked Darius blew out his candles just as Tattiel headed up the stairs to change.

  After a considerable amount of time Tattiel had prepared his outfits and decided to keep his hair relatively short.  He was starting to look more and more like his mother, but he still looked so much like his grandparents as well...

  Darius literally took moments to get dressed, he simply threw on his shirt and some jeans and came downstairs for cake.

  Meanwhile Melody was in the nursery trying to calm down Autumn, she never cried this much.  She wasn't hungry, her diaper was clean and yet she still cried.  "If this keeps up I'll have to make a doctors appointment," sighed Melody.  

  Unable to get to sleep due to Autumn's screams across the hall, the boys stayed up most of the night chatting about food.  Though Darius was much more enthusiastic about the subject.

  The next morning the boys dressed and prepared for their first day of high school.  Though Melody was concerned for them both.  They seemed to be growing more paranoid by the day and even heard both Darius as well as Tattiel freaking out when they arose from bed.  Elsa discussed this with her and informed her to let them.  "It's better for them to let it out now as opposed to keeping it bottled in and become a walking time-bomb." Said Elsa,  "this should keep them calm for most of the day without incident."  This proved to be true, as the two boys didn't check the stove or sinks that morning.

  As they jumped on the school bus the twins were pretty much silent.  Tattiel was thinking about the new painting techniques his art teacher would have, and Darius seemed to be staring at a dark-haired sim in the seat just across from him...

 Before getting dressed for her first day back at work, Melody needed to discuss Autumns worsening condition with Kai.  Just as she was about to mention setting up an appointment it seemed Eowyn had begun playing with her xylophone again, as Anastasia simply could not stand it.  Her cries in objection filled the dining room.

  Just as Kai brought out the girls birthday cakes Melody heard the horn honk out front; and for the first time in years she headed to the stadium to perform a concert.  It pained her to miss her daughters birthday, but she had already put off her maternity leave for as long as she could, she had to return to work...

  Moments later both girls celebrated their birthdays and Kai ushered them up the stairs to get changed.

  First one into the closet was Anastasia, "no way am I going to let a tomboy like you beat me to the closet!" she yelled as she scurried up the stairs.  Eowyn easily caught up to her when they turned the corner when Anastasia tripped her...  "Haha, such a clumsy tomboy!" She teased as she stuck her tongue out and ran into the closet.  Eowyn glared at her sister and got up quietly, she dusted herself off and walked with a slight limp to their makeshift bedroom which they now shared with their older sister Elsa.  

  After taking what seemed like an eternity Anastasia strutted out of the closet.  "I thought you were going to use the boys room?" She teased as she left downstairs.  

  "I'm not a boy..." mumbled Eowyn under her breath, "just because I'm not like you..."  Eowyn could easily tease her sister back, if they ever fought she knew she would win, but Anastasia was her sister, there was no way she could bring herself to hurt her no matter how badly she was teased and treated...

  Still, she put on her favorite jeans and t-shirt, put her hair in pig tails and went downstairs.  If there was one thing in common between them, it was the fact that they both loved cake...

  Meanwhile back in his bedroom Kai was looking in the mirror.  "Well, might as well change into something more comfy..."  He thought about dying his hair to make himself look a few years younger, but then he remembered his father Kaze.  How he just let things be...  "Nah," he started, "if he can put up with a head full of grey than so can I.

  That night was a tention-filled night, the girls would start school the next day, and each wanted nothing more than to spend some time away from the other.  

  That morning Eowyn was taking her bath before breakfast when Anastasia walked right in on her!  "Shouldn't you be using the boys bathroom?" she started, "I can't believe I have to share a bathroom with a tomboy like you."  Eowyn's face turned beet red, "GET OUT!" she yelled, "I'm taking a bath!  Get out or I'll tell mom!"  With a long sigh Anastasia gave her a scornful look as she left.

  Anastasia made her way downstairs, "I can't believe her" she mumbled as she entered the bathroom downstairs.  "Why is she like that, she doesn't play with dolls, doesn't care about make up and always gets dirty playing catch.  Ugh, I feel dirty just thinking about her..."  As she began to wash her already clean hands...

  Things just seemed to get worse for Eowyn, even the toilet couldn't leave her alone as it clogged itself for no apparent reason.  Frustrated and upset she let out a yell, "ugh what now!?" she yelled.  She dressed herself and stomped downstairs, much to the delight of her sister Anastasia who quietly called her a cave man so no one else would hear her.

  As everyone began to finish their plates Anastasia found herself eating with only Darius left.  "So do all boys not care about getting dirty like you?  Or do the rest just play online games all day on the computer like Eowyn?"  "Take it easy," started darius, "first of all you are way too mean to Eowyn, I heard you call her a cave man this morning; and no, not all boys are like that.  Just like all girls are not like you, so be nicer to your sister."  With a look of disgust Anastasia cleared her plate and left the table.

  Just as she left Darius looked up to see Elsa enter the kitchen.  "Thanks Darius" said Elsa as she opened the fridge, "I don't know why Ana's like that.  She thinks all girls should be prissy, but to be honest I was kinda like Eowyn too when I was little.  I tried talking to her but she just doesn't listen.  Aside from mom & dad you're the only one she really listens too."  "No problem" replied Darius, "she may nod her head and listen for a little bit, but I'm sure the minute she's alone with Eowyn she just keeps on.  I don't know why Eowyn doesn't just talk to mom or dad about it.  I know we agreed not to since Eowyn needs to take it upon herself, but I just..."  "I know." Replied Elsa, "but it's something she's going to have to deal with herself."

  Just then the bus honked it's horn and both sets of twins were out the door, though Anastasia was in a particularly bad mood...

  As Elsa sat there drinking her juice she began thinking to herself...  "Yeah, we all have things we need to deal with ourselves...  Whether we want to or not..."  With a long sigh Elsa headed out the door to work.

  A few moments after she left the house Elsa looked behind her to see a long white stretch limo pull up to pick up Kai.  "We all have our issues" she said, might as well face them head on...

  That morning Melody had finally managed to calm Autumn down, the "issues" as she called them were getting a little better some days and worse on others.  The doctors tests had found nothing wrong with her, yet Melody knew something wasn't quite right.  "You're going to give me more grey hair making mommy worry like this."  She said quietly to Autumn, she was getting bigger and would be crawling soon.  "Hopefully these issues will fade away as you grow," she whispered to the infant as Autumns eyes grew heavy from sleep.

  Later that day the bell rang and after an intriguing day at school Tattiel found himself stopping by the consignment shop.  "I need a little inspiration, I've been taking forever on this painting.  It just feels like I'm missing something."

  Meanwhile after school Eowyn had decided to go home with a new friend.  Oddly enough the girl had a similar issue of her own.  She had heard the other kids in class making fun of her and calling her a boy.  Once Eowyn found her on lunch break she chatted for a bit, this is when she discovered that the girl had sim-ancer and was going to creo-therapy...  Still, the girl seemed to be really nice, if a bit shy.  

  As they approached the girls house she soon realized...  It was huge!  The gates were so big!  The yard was very large, and all Eowyn could think about was playing tag with her newfound friend.

  Still downtown, Tattiel had left the store and found himself in the art museum looking at various types of artwork.

  After looking at exhibits for a couple hours he finally stopped, full of determination and inspiration he said to himself: "That's it, I'm ready."  With a smile he took the subway home.

  As the sun began to set Elsa left work with a tired expression.  "This is almost twice as busy as the hospital at Twinbrook, so many patients..."  As she started for the local pub for a few drinks to unwind she found herself thinking of her issue...  Feeling tense and needing a nice glass of nectar Elsa stepped into the double doors when her pager went off.  "Not now!" she said with a desperate look, with a sigh she headed back to the hospital...  "It seems doctors aren't allowed to have any lives..."  Elsa said with a look of depression...

  She even called her mother to let her know not to prepare a plate for her, "it's going to be a long night?  I'll leave you one in the fridge."  Said Melody.

  While the food was being cooked it seemed everyone had begun their homework.  "Where were you?" asked Tattiel to his brother Darius.  "Dad was looking for you, guess he wanted to talk to us about something important."  "Who knows?"  Sighed Darius.  His eyes were red and he was fidgety, not because of his condition, but something else...  He wasn't acting like himself and Tattiel noticed, he didn't say anything though, as he could hear Kai coming in the kitchen.

  Meanwhile, as Melody was heading back into the house she noticed that Eowyn was outside, alone.  Melody was already concerned, she knew her daughters were not getting along, but this was almost too much.  She could hear the boys inside helping one another with their homework, and Kai often told stories of how his sisters Mai & Fei were at the top of their classes because they helped each other.  So why not Eowyn & Anastasia?   She knew Ana was upstairs in her room doing her homework, yet Eowyn sat outside by herself...  She slowly approached and helped her daughter finish, but the thought still troubled her in the back of her mind.

  Back inside Kai had sat down with the boys and began to discuss a few things with them.  After a while he began a more serious topic.  "As you boys know I'm not the youngest sim in the house.  The time will come for someone to take up the mantle as the head of the household.  I've spoken with both of you, you know what being head of this household means.  I will be stepping down soon, and someone will need to fill my shoes.  I know you're both capable, but the girls are still too young, so I want to hear what you two will do about it.  Have either of you thought about your career choices?"

  Darius looked up and spoke with confidence.  "I was thinking of trying out for the Llamas" I'm not that bad and I hear they get weekends off!  So I will still have plenty of time to fish.  

  Kai replied, "you should think of something a bit more stable.  Just going for a quick buck and weekends off isn't exactly what I would call a stable career.  What about the medical career?  Elsa could probably get you a job as a bed pan cleaner.  It's not the greatest job, but it's a start.

  Darius could hear Tattiel chuckling under his breath.  "Yeah Darius, maybe one day you can even get big sis her coffee and file her paperwork!" He said with a laugh.

  "Oh, and living off of art is a more stable choice?"  Replied Darius with a glare.  "Give me a break, you'd have to sell the house and live in a shack!"

  "That's quite enough you two."  Said Kai calmly, "I strongly suggest you two think of something stable, I know you have your hobbies, I did as well.  Now isn't a time to sit idle, find a skill you can use in a career you will enjoy.  A REAL career.  Or I may just have to speak with Ana or Eowyn, they may be too young, but they won't always be...  With that the boys faces grew serious, they knew he was joking, but at the same time they also knew that if they didn't take him seriously than he really would do it.  "Fine" they both replied at the same time, just as Eowyn walked into the front door.

  With that they finished dinner and everyone headed up to bed.  Another week of school was starting...  Eowyn is still Anastasia's favorite victim, Tattiel is still consumed in his paintings and Darius seems to be staying out later and later.  His new friend seems to be taking much of his time, but he's still been acting strange lately...  One thing is for sure, the household is changing, but for better or worse?  With two teens and and a house full there is simply no telling.  Until next chapter...


  1. I like Tattiel already :)
    Great chapter and your writing style seems to have changed with your blog change :)

    1. Indeed it has. This is my first time writing a story, so as time progresses I'm learning. Glad you like it. :)


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