Tired and exhausted from their long trip, the Ryuzaki family finally approached the Bridgeport city limits.  They had been on the road for a few days and they were more than pleased to finally arrive...  At home.  It was morning when they arrived and both Tattiel and Darius were stunned.  Tattiel was shocked by all of the buildings, the lights they would shine, the atmosphere.  He was an artistic kid in an artists candy-store; Darius on the other hand was speechless.  Then, just under his breath Melody heard him say it.  "So much water..."  That's when she realized it, as much as her son Darius loved to fish, he'd never been surrounded by so much water.  He always fished at a murky pond, so to have so much water to fish from probably sent him reeling at the thought of so much fishing.

  Kai asked Melody for directions and she told him to go through town and across the bridge.  Once he heard her tell him that Kai glanced at her for a moment & back on the road again.  "Across the bridge?"  He asked, verifying that he heard her correctly.  "Yes, then take such and such road and we'll be home; and not a moment too soon.  I'm sure the kids are more than ready to get out of this moving van and stretch."  Kai simply nodded, but he held a feeling of shock.  Either Melody knew full well and didn't want to say it in front of the kids, or she was being very naive.  Kai knew who lived across the bridge...  The posh, the rich, celebrities; the upper-echelons of society.  Kai drove and hoped that his wife didn't go too far when choosing a house, though it would certainly explain the massive price tag...  

  Seeing his facial expression Melody began talking about the house.  "It's a Gothic style Victorian home, the entire community wanted to tear it down and build some modern home!"  When I saw the pictures of it and the price I simply had to save it!  It's the only remaining house of it's kind here in Bridgeport, I couldn't just let them tear down a house with so much history...  Even if it is going to be a little cramped."  Kai laughed a bit, it was just like Melody to decide on a house to save it.  Then it hit him...  "Wait a minute" Kai started, "what do you mean by a little cramped?"  Kai knew she was shopping for the house and left her in charge of it, but they have a big family and definitely needed no less than 5 bedrooms.  "Well," started Melody, "It's only a 4 bedroom, but we'll manage just fine."  Kai looked over at her for a moment and nodded, he knew that look.  She was serious, but he also knew she wouldn't make such a decision unless she had an idea.

  "So what will we do?"  Asked Kai.  "Simple", Melody replied, "It will be awkward, but Anastasia and Eowyn will simply sleep in the dining area for now.  The boys have their room and Autumn will be in the nursery.  Elsa is an adult so of course she has her own room, but she might have to share it for a little while once the girls are older.  Like I said, we'll manage."  Just as she finished her sentence Kai turned the corner of their street and they saw their home for the first time.  The kids were practically glued to the windows, and even Kai's face showed a hint of surprise.  "So this is where our finances went" he stated, and was telling the truth.  They sold nearly all of their possessions to purchase this home, and were definitely in a financial strain.  But still, the house was indeed beautiful...

(I take no credit for creating the home, it was created by the lovely simmer who's website can be found here.  There are a great many homes and I love many of them, they are all CC free & I recommend them to anyone who's looking for a home.)

  Once out of the moving vans, everyone practically poured into the house.  Looking around, finding their rooms, bathrooms, etc.  Melody had many ideas as to how she wanted to remodel the interior furniture, wallpaper, etc. but she knew that wouldn't happen for a while.  This was a major purchase that literally only left them with a few $imoleans for living expenses.  The moment she settled in she instructed everyone to go get changed.  They were no longer in Twinbrook, and it was time for everyone to get a makeover!

  Everyone headed to their rooms except for Kai, he was too busy playing with Autumn, who seemed to really enjoy playing outside with Kai.

  Surprisingly enough, Elsa was the first to finish.  She then headed outside with a smile, Melody didn't know what it was, but her daughter seemed to be very excited.

  Next up was Melody, once finished she headed straight for the kitchen.  She wanted to start dinner early.

   Both Anastasia and Eowyn were ready to go, they were both more interested in crawling around exploring their new home.  Though it seems Eowyn seemed to enjoy it a lot more.

 Darius beat his brother to the bedroom and was finished almost as quickly as his sister.

  Tattiel took a bit of time, until he heard his mom mention the easel downstairs...  He then threw on his clothes and headed straight for it, he had so much he wanted to paint!

  Elsa had disappeared into the yard, she couldn't believe the house had a gazebo!  Not only that but a telescope already set up!  She began checking it out immediately.

  While preparing dinner Melody found herself thinking about the pool...  But as she thought about it she also realized that there were already plants growing in the garden!

  Kai on the other hand had already put Autumn to sleep and left.  One of the first things he did when preparing for the move was make preparations to have his parents' (Kaze & Amy) graves moved to Bridgeport.

  He had them placed near a nice tree, but it would only be temporary.  "Just wait here a bit" he spoke softly, "I'll make some investments and purchase a much better place for you to rest."

  Meanwhile, back at home everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as they adjusted to their new home.  Melody spent much of the time playing with Autumn.

Tattiel was inseparable from the canvas, he had a picture in mind and he was determined to paint it.

  Eowyn was spending much of her time playing with the dollhouse.

While it seemed Anastasias's fingers were all she needed to have fun.

By now the sun was setting and Elsa had taken the subway to go out for the evening.  She knew Bridgeport was very popular for their bars & clubs and had never been to one since Twinbrook didn't have any.  So she dressed for the evening and decided to check out a nearby venue.

As she entered the elevator she pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind, "not now" she thought.  "For now, let's just have fun..."

As she stepped out of the elevator she looked around for a bit, it was a quaint little bar with a relaxed atmosphere.

Still, she found herself becoming very self-aware.  She didn't know anyone here, so she made her way to the bar.

She may be new, but she was thirsty and eager to try the special nectar juices, she wasted no time ordering a drink.

Shocked at it's taste, Elsa began to enjoy her drink.  It was delicious, yet it relaxed her while she drank it, and she enjoyed every drop.

Things seemed to be nice in Bridgeport, and everyone was adjusting to city life in their own way.  Still, they all have a lot of adjusting to do, and with multiple birthdays around the corner, more change were definitely on the way.


  1. Ooo, Bridgeport! I am sure they will do well there. That IS a lovely house, I might have to bookmark that site you gave. I love to build my own but having someone elses style in your neighborhood is always good.

  2. Im glad you moved over to blogger :) I always find LJ a trauma!!
    The house is gorgeous!!! Bridgeport not my favourite place in the sim world but maybe you can convince me otherwise.

    1. Oh yes, Blogger is MUCH better than LJ. It's so much easier to keep track of things this way. :)


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